Movement Feedback

On Jealousy

By Heather Mulhern

During Joan’s class this past Saturday we experienced an out gassing of what no longer served us and  of what we chose to release.

I saw it as Quantum Farting with no smell and noise, though it would have been great to have had sound attached -can you imagine!

What I experienced was jealousy. A participant who has been coming to a few of Joan’s classes arrived really big and expanded.

I contracted and felt that something in me did not want her to expand. I shared it with the group and became aware that I had some belief that if she has it, there is less for me to have.

 While rationally I understand that this is not the case, as Karl always shared that if you can see it in others you have it too, however, this experience of jealousy and  that there is not enough for me was palpable. I felt isolated from the group. I was unable to receive.

What I felt was something around me like a film and binding. It was my own stuff. I put it there. It was keeping me from the abundance of the Quantum Field. I really got that we are the only thing in the way of our access.

Karl labeled his work Quantum Access.

Well,when I say ‘we’ are the only thing in the way of our access,  I mean the stories we take on, create, and inherit. The power really is in us to hold that truth and let it go.  Honor the story, embrace it, and let it both disintegrate and integrate.

The participant who was so expanded shared that seeing me contracted showed her what she used to do and she was comfortable showing up despite of other’s jealousy. I felt terror that I was back pedaling in my own evolution.

I discovered that my experience served. It served her and me at the same time. So much information in it all.

About author: Heather Mulhern was a student of the late Karl Wolfe. She has been pivotal in keeping the Karl Wolfe community together since his passing in 2018. Heather is currently taking Joan’s classes and has great insight to share.

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