Movement Feedback

Science behind Movement

By Joan Yue

Dr. Kelly McGonigal, a Psychology professor in Stanford University, has researched the science behind the benefits of movement in shifting emotional states and well-being. Movement feedback connects you to the body intelligence and the added feedback process takes it to a whole new level with amazing results .

In her video interview, she also cited the scientific evidence of feel good hormones generated after 20 minutes of movement in dogs and human. 

Many of her insights came from the body intelligence, such as breaking negative emotional states with movements, listening with heart, rewiring brain’s association with fear sensations, etc. 

Movement feedback classes are even more powerful, because of the feedback on what myths showing up and where energy is blocked often due to unfelt emotions. In addition, I give you movement instructions to clear the blocks and penetrate the myths, often instantaneously and magically.

Love to move more people forward with the power of movement feedback. You are welcome to join a free movement feedback or Money is Love  class to experience the power of movement feedback.

(Stay tune for the next blog on how movement feedback taps into spiritual power.)

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