Movement Feedback

Feedback Magic

By Joan Yue

Movement Feedback, pioneered by Karl Wolfe, is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limitations that hold you back in life, so you actualize new possibilities! It is my mission to pass on Karl’s legacy for mankind by teaching Movement Feedback.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live life. The feedback process in Movement Feedback plays an important role in moving people forward quickly. I am very pleased to hear from students on how much they like my ways of giving feedback with many compliments summarized as “Joan has taken movement feedback to a much higher level and made classes fun, by mastering the art of feedback and providing specific instructions to move through limitations for dramatic shifts quickly.”

Why do my feedback processes work wonder in moving people forward? It turns out my experiences as a mother and corporate executive help me to innately give feedback in compassionate and effective ways. Besides reporting details on myths, I also give each student movement instructions to clear them, often instantly and magically. My unique way of teaching moves students forward quickly by focusing on what each student does right as well as the body connections and energy shifts each student needs to make.

Let us examine the importance of feedback and research behind effective ways of feedback. The information will be very useful for success in parenting or dealing with people in general.

Ego’s illusions

Our egos are really clever in tricking us. Without feedback, we could be in myths and lose grounding but still think we are doing great. Even worse, we could be in suffering and pain, but our egos tell us that we can manage on our own so suffering and pain continue…

1. Feedback as objective mirror of reflection.

“Without dealing with things directly and honestly, there really is no chance for healing. ” -Karl Wolfe

Sometimes our stories and limitations are not obvious to us, just like fish is not aware of water. In Movement Feedback classes, we are deep in the Quantum Field therefore many layers of information is revealed to provide you feedback. I report details on each student’s energy patterns, limiting stories, and unproductive behaviors with love and compassion. Once your Spirit receives feedback, the awareness and observation of the myths give you the access to stopping them and moving forward.

Pretty often, you will notice the myths show up in every aspect of your life. Once you shift the life-long patterns, your quality of life changes and things you want start to manifest

2. Positive Feedback Moves You further

From my experiences as a student and a teacher, I find out brutal truth negative feedback is not efficient even though it is effective once eventually sank in. Students often shut down after extremely negative feedback and it would take days, weeks, or even years to recover and really get it. Therefore, I exercise love and compassion whenever I report details in my feedback.

My approach is to focus on what each student does right and where energies are blocked in the body. The process bypass the ego’s shut down and moves students out of myths without the need to figuring out all the negative aspects. When reporting myths, I also give reference points for students to penetrate them.

The Tedtalk by Tali Sharot really shed the light on why my approaches are so effective. The chart below shows the effectiveness of positive feedback as compared to that of negative feedback for different age groups. Younger children and older people simply don’t take negative feedback well.

3. Instructions to Move out of Myths

Another key step I do to take Movement Feedback to a much higher level is to provide specific instructions for students to move out of myths. The specific instructions include the type of movements, what body parts to focus on, and feeling states to be in. In addition, I report the progress and provide additional instructions throughout the class so the myth can be penetrated during class or afterwards.

As an example, I taught Ray to get ready for Slackline weekend two weeks ago, by asking him to walk on an imaginary Slackline for several rounds with music. The four rounds of feedback were strengthening the core by feeling it, dropping the head monitoring body process, feeling with feet, and engaging inner vision, respectively. He went from unstable to very stable at the end. 

The vision exercise is especially fun for me. I usually ask students to move their eyes in various ways and ask them to drop the vision inside. Boom, the students are looking inside observing themselves. We also work on expanding the outer vision to 360 degrees. It is the Spirit that does the magic.

In Money is Love class, the process is to have a student talked about what she wants to achieve in terms of vision then give the student feedback on energetic feelings and underlying blocks. Then we do different iterations of movement and feedback until the blocks are mostly gone and the vision is embodied inside the student as achievable with ease.

The shifts experienced by my students in classes are so magical. You are welcome to try out a Movement Feedback class for free.

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