Movement Feedback

What is Movement Feedback?

During a Movement Feedback online class, you have opportunities to dance or move freely. It doesn’t matter what exactly your movement is – it’s more about dropping the thoughts and allowing the body to integrate the energy. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live your life and your life filters. With love and compassion, I report details on your energy patterns, limiting stories, and unproductive behaviors. Then I give you movement instructions to clear them, often instantly and magically.

Movement feedback at its core is energy healing, where moving in the Quantum Field allows stuck energy to move faster for quicker results. It is also referred to as Quantum Movement Feedback, Online Movement Feedback, or Infinite Love Movement Feedback™. You can set intention to get out of the class in mental, physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual areas.

My unique way of teaching moves you forward by focusing on what you do right as well as the body connections and energy shifts you need to make. I also provide reference points to take you to high vibrational emotional states, and connect you to the Quantum Field where you feel innate joy, safety, and ease in your body. The purpose of feedback is to provide direct correction to align you with the Quantum Field quickly, where you can manifest abundance and your desires rapidly. 

With the worldwide advance towards self-awareness and higher consciousness, meditation has gained popularity in recent years. Movement Feedback is a form of somatic meditation. It is Moving Meditation, in which movement allows you to drop thoughts and reach really deep silence. In class, you receive feedback on your unconscious mental/emotional processes while occurring, which is a powerful way to train your observer, increase your awareness, and build emotional intelligence.

As compared to Yoga in the gym, Movement Feedback increases the body awareness even more, with the added elements of feedback and grounding. Grounding allows energy to move you with ease, instead of you relying solely on muscles. The huge difference in ease can be experienced even with people who exercise a lot. The ease in movement is then transmuted to the ease and flow in your life.

In class, we also have fun exploring all varieties of movement and breath to increase flexibility, mobility, and vitality. It is very common that students look younger and feel younger after extended practice of Movement Feedback.

Dancing to music is a right brain activity to balance all the left brain activities throughout the work week to enhance the brain function. Students also enjoy the fun social environment in class to meet like-minded people. Your body will experience a boost in feel good hormones such as endorphin and Oxytocin, which in turn boost your immune system.

What differentiates Movement Feedback from many other spiritual, energy, or self-improvement work is that you can actually feel happy emotions and experience deep silence physically in your body.

Movement Feedback is also incorporated in Money is Love classes to integrate for abundance. We examine your relationship with money, shift the energetic feeling states, and align your vision to manifest what you want in life!

Words simply can’t describe enough the magical experiences of Movement Feedback! I sincerely invite you to check it out.

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