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Now we have extra free time from staying at home, it is a good time to revisit or ponder our life purpose and inspirational goals. We will be well prepared to actualize your dreams once the pandemic is over.

In the video below, Wayne Dyer quoted a great teacher who wrote “When you are inspired by a great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds and your mind transcend limitations, your consciousness expand in every direction, you find yourself in the new, in a great, in a wonderful world.” That is a wonderful state to be in, replacing the worries, concerns, and anxieties in the uncertain times.

In the video, Albraham Hicks suggests that we wake up in the morning with intention, holding intention for more than 17 seconds. Why early morning? Little interference from low vibrational thoughts. She also discusses situations where the emotions behind your intention leads to failed outcomes, even though you working hard on the law of attraction.

I can’t help expressing the benefits of Movement Feedback. In class, the most important instruction is to drop thoughts during movement. Our brain is organized for movement, a few second of conscious movement can fire millions of synapses simultaneously. With consistent participation, it rewires the brain to stop habitual anxieties and ruminating thoughts. Students experience deep silence and receive the reference points of love, joy and ease in the body, which they can recreate with time and practice. This is the wonderful state Albraham Hicks talk about to set intentions.

In Money is Love classes, I usually ask each student to talk about an intention or a goal then give him or her feedback on the emotional and energetic signatures behind it. Often time, we uncovered myths and emotions that restrict its actualization. With several iterations, the student can find the expansive energetic state that will lead to the fruition of the intention or goal.

You can watch new video testimonials and read the testimonials on the amazing shifts from Movement Feedback here.


Love to see you in class.

Now is a good time to do an energetic lifemap that Karl Wolfe originally developed to map out what you want from all areas of life. Click the link below to contact me for an updated copy from Karl Wolfe Community.

Contact for instructions to make a lifemap

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