Movement Feedback


By Heather Mulhern

Have you heard of it?

It is for all ages.

Kids are doing it in the streets-and have been for years! You have seen it in movies since time immemorial-or 1903.

Before you “YouTube” it, take a look at these simple starter tips. Then go make your own video and post it.

1. Find a curb

2. Approach the curb

3.  Step up onto the curb

4. Look straight ahead

5. Feel your body and your surroundings

6. Walk forward feeling the curb with your feet

7. Play!

I have recently spent some time on curbs-found one at a Sonic and a Horse Shoe pit at a state park-curbs are not limited to streets.

We have all these resources around us to play and to assist us getting into our bodies. 
I found the more I walked on the curb the easier and more quickly I got into my body each consecutive time.

Once I was looking out and around while curbing, and as the curb turned, I looked to the side so as to not look down.  I experienced the most icky feeling.  I stuck with it and slowly walked through it. What was the icky feeling? What did it mean? Didn’t matter. Something integrated and I don’t need to know what. I also felt fear and laughed at the fact that the measure of my fear was far from proportional to  the 3 inch drop below. If you can conquer the curb, you can conquer anything. 

Kicker is, it doesn’t cost anything. Probably wont last…wait, it has been done since curbs came into existence-we are talking Ancient Pompeii and I imagine way before then.

Have fun curbing! And go remind someone in case they have forgotten;)


About author: Heather Mulhern was a student of the late Karl Wolfe. She has been pivotal in keeping the Karl Wolfe community together since his passing in 2018. Heather is currently taking Joan’s classes and has great insight to share.

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