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We are all participating in the Intelligent Social Change Journey, a developmental journey of the body, mind and heart, moving from the heaviness of cause-and-effect linear extrapolations, to the fluidity of co-evolving with our environment, to the lightness of breathing our thought and feelings into reality. Along the way, we become fully the co-creators that we are and our ever-deepening connections with others help prepare us for the choices we face today as a humanity.  All possibilities are there behind the door, and it is opening.  Are you ready to choose?

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Interview with Dr. Alex Bennet

About Speaker:
Dr.Alex Bennet is Professor, Knowledge and Innovation Management, Bangkok University and Co-Founder/Director of the Mountain Quest Institute.Located in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, the Institute is focused on achieving growth and understanding through quests for knowledge, consciousness and meaning. In her full and eclectic life, Alex has been an opera singer, achieved a handful of degrees, served as the Chief Knowledge Officer of the US Department of the Navy, built a research and retreat center, keynoted around the world, and authored hundreds of papers and dozens of books. A student of Ageless Wisdom, she is a Reiki master, a Quick Pulse practitioner, a hemispheric synchronization maven, and a life coach. Alex believes in the multidimensionality and interconnectedness of humanity as we move out of infancy into full consciousness. She may be reached at

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