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The Stages from Darkness to Light

Description: A look into the phases of, and the tools for, evolving out of the struggles to maintain balance in life, uprooting the primary causes of your struggles, and eventually actualizing your potential as a divine being.  

Interview with Christian Minson

For the last 13 years, R. Christian Minson has been spreading the message and experience of how the practical and easy tool of conscious breathwork can profoundly enhance your energy levels, mental acuity, emotional balance and spiritual connectedness. Prior, Christian spent 10 years as a monk in dedication to a lifestyle of service and meditation practices to understand the deeper
meaning of life.

He has served as Director of Breathwork at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, taught at the Chopra Center in La Costa, California, and shared his work alongside the well-known thought leader, Gregg Braden.

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