The Magic of the Quantum Field

Dr. Joan Yue was interviewed by Georgette Damian on the topic of “The Magic of the Quantum Field”. Joan discussed her journey in spiritual awakening, going from anxiety and short-lived happiness deriving from accomplishments to inner peace and freedom. Discussion also covered Divinity as the Quantum Field, Quantum Physics, manifestation, and practice tips to getContinue reading “The Magic of the Quantum Field”

Live in Light and Joy

When you talk to your heart and body it reveals all that you need to know to change your circumstances and dis-harmonies. Let’s take some time today and help  you be more “realigned with the new better, brighter and more joyful YOU.” Interview with Susan Flerchinger Engineering Your Healing – Susan Flerchinger After 21 years ofContinue reading “Live in Light and Joy”

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