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Tapping into Your Superpowers (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a two-part article that teaches you how to access the superpowers in the Quantum Field. Please read Part 1 first. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, here is the link.

What are the benefits of connecting to the Quantum Field?

In a Movement Feedback class, the teacher provides the reference points of elevated emotional states: love, joy, ease, and grace. This state of heart and brain coherence helps you go deeper into the Quantum Field. Tremendous healing occurs through this supernatural power of the Quantum Field. The long term goal for practicing Movement Feedback is to release all stuck energies, stressful emotions, and limiting energetic patterns from your body so you are fully connected to the Quantum Field to allow you to start living the life you choose to create.

This video teaches you how to release your intentions to Spirit and how to allow awe and wonder to start showing up in your life, as your intentions turn into reality.

If you want to be more patient in 2021, rather than struggling and forcing yourself to be patient, you can embody patience by tapping into the almighty power of Spirit. Being aware of your body and dropping your consciousness to your Core before or during any situation requiring patience will better equip you for handling situations with more ease and grace.

Connecting to the Quantum Field is like going deeper into yourself and experiencing the deep silence in your being. Another analogy is like sinking deeper into the calm and stillness of the Ocean hundreds of feet beneath the ocean’s surface, while the waves of life are crashing and rushing on top.

In the Quantum Field, you can also attract your desired future experiences by matching the vibrational frequencies of the experiences you want with intention and a strong emotional intensity. With necessary healing and regular practice, you can sustain the magical connection to the Quantum Field and turn your dreams into reality. You will bring in innate joy, peace, and happiness into your life.

How do I initiate connection to the Quantum Field through movement?

Expanded Vision Exercise TM was developed by

This exercise is designed to drop your life’s vision into the Core and opening your spiritual vision for your life’s purposes and goals. Here is a preview of the exercise. Detailed instructions are below.

1. Move or dance freely for 20 minutes or more to stop thinking.

2. While you move, you drop awareness to your Core. The Core is 2 inches below your naval. You can touch or gently press the area to increase your awareness.

3. Pat your body all over to increase the awareness of your body. Feel the sensations of your skin touching your clothes.

4. Raise your hands in front of you less than a shoulder width apart. Next you move your hands from left to right and then right to left, with your eyes following your hand movement and looking beyond for whatever in the room. Do that 5 times. If you feel tense, just have fun trying to do it all wrong. The feeling of joy makes it easier to access the Quantum Field.

5. Put down your hands, then imagine what’s in front of you becoming the Universe. Open your vision. Look around from left to right then right to left 2 times without your hands up.

6. Rest and try not to look behind you to open your vision behind.

7. Then you sit down, roll your eyes up in your eye sockets, and lift your body 6” off the chair. Then drop your body down to the chair, at the same time rolling your eyes back down.

8. Look forward. With more practice, you may start to see the Quantum Field. You may feel heat in the Core also.

It is your birthright to access the Quantum Field, living a miracle-filled life with blessings from divinity.

If you want to experience a deep connection to the Quantum Field, you are welcome to come to experience the magic of the Quantum Field in Movement Feedback classes. It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Class times are

Monday 9-10 am Pacific Standard Time / 12-13 pm EST USA Tuesday 18-19 pm PST / 21-22 pm EST Thursday 9-10 am PST / 12-13 pm EST Saturday 7:30-8:30 am PST / 10:30-11:30 am EST Sunday 16-17 pm PST / 19-20 pm EST

Join us when you are ready to tap into your supernatural power.

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