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Awe and Wonders of the Quantum Field

Quantum Field = True Essence = Spirit = Higher self = Whatever higher power you can relate to.

I was in a small practice group yesterday. They wanted me to demonstrate my teaching in the Quantum Field. So I decided to give a person feedback on her introduction.

She talked about being proud of overcoming her shyness as a child and successfully led a huge group of people in church. My feedback was “I can feel the part of you really connected to the divinity. But the butterfly of being a shy child is still there, consuming a lot of your energy. You can let it go because you have filled out the shoes.”

She said “You just gave me a message from God”. It turned out she took over a teaching position in church from a very experienced teacher and had been worrying about not filling the shoes for 4 years. One time in the airport, someone came up to her and said “God wants me to tell you to find your own shoes.” I repeated to her that you had already filled out the shoes. It was probably the first time I said that sentence in all the feedback I gave.

Today I shared the above story in my Movement Feedback class then we danced and moved. During class, a student laughed hysterically. When asked, she shared “I asked Spirit a question on whether to get pregnant. You then said let’s play a baby song then played another baby song.” Wow, I was divinely driven to play two lullabies as the message for her.

One lullaby was an instrumental version of “Can you feel the love tonight?” from The Lion King. Comment “Feel the love” if you feel infinite love of the Quantum Field.

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