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Taking a Quantum Leap!

Many say that my definition of a Quantum Leap from self-imposed limitations (shown in the picture above) could also be called “A Leap of Faith”. I agree!

Imagine that you take a Quantum Leap in the heat of the moment, for any difficult area of your life…. What will the results be?

You will see a “Quantum Leap” of results!

What if you could gain insights to see Life from your True Essence to help those unbearable emotions become manageable? Right choices become easy and second nature. You will definitely see the magic of a “Quantum Leap”.

I am launching a 8-class series called “Quantum Leap Your Transformations and Manifestations”. It is in a Q/A format to help participants with difficult issues in their lives. My answers include observations and insights from the Quantum Field.

By seeing “sticky thinking” and emotional reactions differently, some of my students have made amazing transformations in just the first two test trial classes. They have experienced amazing shifts in their issues of procrastination, pain, relationships, anxiety, etc. Other students have told me that they have experienced profound shifts by just attending and observing the class without even saying a word. This is because a lot of us share similar issues and the Spirit helps you to “hear” or “feel” the insights and make perspective shifts that you need.

During the last class, I discussed my 8-year long search for healing my PTSD symptoms. I have gained new insights regarding emotions and realized that I had been suffering unnecessarily. These insights helped me see widely believed misunderstanding about emotions and showed me that PTSD can be thought of as simply a “mental habit”. Just this realization alone made my symptoms subside significantly…and almost instantly.

Below is a link to a video of Edward, during and after our last Quantum Leap class. Edward’s pain shifted in just 1 day after gaining new insights to view his situation in a completely different way:

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