Movement Feedback

Somatic Reprogramming

Does it feel like you have tried everything? Countless self-help books and podcasts, different therapies and therapists, maybe even energy healing might have helped a little or for a short time but you still haven’t gotten the results you desire. Look no further…The missing piece is Somatic Reprogramming TM.

Somatic Reprogramming TM through Movement Feedback and the Quantum Field will help you to reprogram your automatic unconscious thinking and emotional processes that often escape your detection and will allow you to function automatically in a high performance state.

In modern days, most of us spend way too much time in our heads and we lose touch with our body intelligence. Present emotional overwhelm and past traumas are all trapped in our body, leading to automatic somatic thinking, in which your body becomes your mind. Our bad habits often arise from avoiding or uncontrollably acting out unhealed and repressed intense emotions. No wonder that some old patterns in your life haven’t really shifted, even though you have tried really hard and done many things right. Your search may have led to you to become a healer or coach, but you are still not able to break old patterns to reach the success and freedom you seek. This work builds on all you have done and is the next step to heal at the deepest layer for lasting changes.

Movement Feedback aligns the Body, Mind, and Spirit. How you do anything is how you everything! Your movements reflect how you live your life, which is the basis of Somatic Reprogramming TM.

Movement reveals your hidden energetic patterns, while the feedback boosts your alignment to the Quantum Field. The Quantum Field is a representation of higher self, true essence, infinite love, Source creation, Universal Consciousness, God, Spirit, Divinity, or Oneness, whichever you can relate to. This supernatural power is within us, waiting for us to fully connect to it. We connect to the Quantum Field through the Core of our body.

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