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The issues you’ve struggled for years can be gone quickly?

Wow! The issues you struggle for years can be gone quickly.

Whatever issues you are struggling with, can be shifted quickly. All new possibilities are available in the Quantum Field for you to step into.

In the Quantum Field, there is no time and space so shifting a long term issue is as easily as it does for a short term issue. That is the magic of the Quantum Field.

Liana’s Insomnia Completely Shifted

I received this message from Liana, she reported her insomnia completely shifted from her first One on One on Monday 6/21/2021. It makes me so happy to make a difference.


Reflecting back over this week and the results of our sessions, I see that I feel lighter, I am very aware of the moment I am in and I’m sleeping through the night, waking rested and relaxed.

I can not remember the last time I sleep through the night and woke rested. The only thing that I’ve done differently is I finally booked and experienced my 1st “One on One with Joan”.

We are five nights later and I continue to sleep through the night. Have struggled for years with sleep issues, I have to admit that I was surprised, yet pleased and grateful for such immediate results. Looking forward to my next session and the results as Joan continue working to remove unhealthy energetic ties.


Lokesh’s Social Anxiety Fading Away…

His email immediately after the first Movement Feedback class on June 21st.

Thanks so much Joan for the amazing experience!!

Dear Joan,

Am extremely thankful to you for providing this unique experience backed by quantum science.

Dance is known to lift up the energies – but the way you diagnosed the energy blocks looking at the movements is exemplary – you identified the energy issues without me telling you about them and you further advised the movements that provided immediate release/relief! 

Kudos to your knowledge ma’am and Thanks for opening me to this new dimension. Grateful to you!!
Kind Regards,

This is his email after 3rd free class within the week.

Dear Joan,

Yes – I live in India. The shifts are all due to your sessions and the magic charm you have. Have been meditating for 3 years but didn’t see any significant change – but with your sessions it’s has been an instant impact. My not being able to express fully, as you rightly commented, has been since childhood – and I saw that improving too with your sessions.

Thanks for all the three sessions – would keep practising – connecting and grounding myself – with moving head as if pecking, stroking my chin, walking feeling the tao movement, integrate my past with the backward swimming, breathing into the spine and most importantly, don’t let the thoughts fight with the emotion – all the profound teachings from just 3 sessions!

Thanks again for everything Joan – you are transforming lives and am sure everyone would remember and be grateful for the impact you have made to their respective lives!


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