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Clarity is Elusive?

If you feel like being stuck in an area and have been still working on it for a long time,, chances are you are trying to solve the wrong problem. What you need is not working harder at it. Instead, you need to solve the right problem to make a Quantum Leap forward.

Here is an example to illustrate the point. Many complain about confusion on what to do next.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are an extension of infinite intelligence, therefore clarity is our natural state.

It is like the Sun of clarity is always there, but often time clouds or different types of weather of confusion block the Sun. Rather than fighting with the cloud or weather, attempting to solve the confusion problem, you allow clarity to come through when the weather passes.

I fell into the confusion trap at times. Recently, I experienced confusion trying to select among three messaging coaching services with a sense of urgency. I spent time trying to figure it out in my head, weighing pros and cons, feeling overwhelmed and even more confused.

Later on, I decided to let it settle and let whatever is needed come to me. The next morning, it became clear to me that I didn’t need it right away. I have another important project to focus on until November. The insight is out-of-box of the problem I tried to solve. It is definitely not what I expected at the first place. I also gained clarity on a specific criteria to use in picking the service that fits my needs.

Overthinking creates confusion. Clarity comes from a deep connection with Spirit, in the moment of silence.

How to tell that the guidance is from Spirit? It doesn’t come from noise of thinking or mental deliberation. It is a gut feeling or inner knowledge with calm certainty.

Movement connects us to the deep silence, allowing clarity to come through frequently.

Among different kinds of movement, walking on a slackline brings the most powerful transformation. You will experience major emotional release, breaking old patterns, and embodying new possibilities.


Hope that you can join us.

Much love,


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