Movement Feedback

Everyone deserves to be a Miracle Maker, creating dream life experiences with freedom and ease!

I am Dr. Joan Yue, Chemist turned Miracle Healer. 


I help emotionally blocked individuals to make fast and permanent shifts into peace and ease, create loving relationships, and experience their dream lives with abundance and freedom.


What you may not know about me is

When I was a high-powered executive at a multinational corporation, I only valued numbers, formulas, and charts. I had no interest in anything spiritual.

Yet my childhood trauma haunted me, and the stress of my career and motherhood overwhelmed me emotionally. It caused me not to be present with my family. I was often distracted when my kids talked to me and said “OK. OK.” even though I didn’t really hear what they said. I was unhappy and highly anxious.


I did my best to repress and ignore emotions, but things got so bad that one day I checked into the ER thinking that I had had a heart attack. Thankfully, it was just a panic attack. The incident got me to seek an immediate change in my life. A complete change.


I started reading all kinds of self-improvement books. Still, I felt stuck and didn’t know why. I left my corporate executive job to spend years searching for the secrets of life and the best-of-the-best transformational tools

I didn’t want a spiritual awakening – I just wanted to live an easier life.

Yet I didn’t experience permanent shifts until I miraculously stumbled on my late mentor Dr. Karl Wolfe, who famously worked with celebrities and business professionals to “add zeros” to their income! 


Karl taught me Movement Feedback. It helped me get grounded in my body to eliminate anxiety, break free from self-sabotaging patterns to get unstuck and tap into my superpowers within to make my life easy. 


The lesson I learned was that by deeply connecting to my body, I could connect to Spirit (Infinite love or higher self) to experience miracles daily. The miracles could be things simply working out, interactions becoming easy, or income arriving out of blue.

Mind/Body/Spirit alignment was the game changer for me!

I went from being highly anxious, emotionally overwhelmed, constantly overthinking, and being filled with PTSD symptoms to being happy for no reason and living in abundance, freedom, and ease. I have changed hundreds of clients’ lives too.


I became one of the elite few in the world who can deeply and quickly connect Clients into the Quantum Field and developed a one-of-a-kind modality to release extremely deeply repressed emotions for myself and many others. Many clients reported Miracle Healing of releasing years of stuck emotions or long-term stress-related symptoms that were holding them back, all within just one session.

This is why I do what I do!

It is because too many people have emotional blocks causing them to be stressed and unhappy. They are done with experiencing relationship difficulties and feeling stuck toward their dreams.


I help them release repressed emotions, break free from self-sabotaging patterns and tap into superpowers within so that they can make fast and permanent shifts into peace and ease, create loving relationships, and rewire themselves for total happiness.


So they can reach their full potential and create their dream life experiences with freedom and ease!

You were born free. It is your experiences and conditioning that cause you to suffer emotionally and create limiting patterns. My work is like a “factory reset” so you are free to create loving relationships and abundance.

If you want to experience the joy and freedom to finally move forward quickly and create true abundance, book your Complimentary VIP  Coaching Call NOW!