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Meet Dr. Joan Yue

Hi, I am Joan Yue, the founder of Movement Feedback International™. I am a Joy Instigator and Energy Healer. Through Movement Feedback, I help those on a path of self-discovery to access their true essence of ease, joy, and abundance by connecting to the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities.

I help my students become limitless and fulfill their greatest potential. My passion is to share the magic of Movement Feedback with the world, and to connect people to infinite Love. It fills me with great joy to see students transform during the classes and in their life afterwards. I am joyful, compassionate, intuitive, and insightful in my approach to guiding you to quickly move forward.

Here are my stories.

  • Movement Feedback changed my life. It sets me free from high anxiety and severe PTSD symptoms since infancy.
  • The power of intention enabled me completely transformed from an average student from parents with minimal education to excel in school, coming to US at age 21 to pursue my Ph.D in chemistry.
  • I turned from a Chemist to Alchemist, becoming one of not many in the world to be able to connect people deeply into the Quantum Field quickly.
  • My skyrocketed intuition from practicing Movement Feedback enables me to shift people quickly through insightful feedback on unconscious patterns and instructions to release energetic blocks.

I had a humble beginning growing up in China. My Mom did not have a formal education and my Dad only had an elementary education. When I was born, my parents couldn’t afford a babysitter so my Mom took me to work and placed me in a tool shed near the field so she could feed me every few hours. Being left alone crying for hours led me to be highly anxious, suppressing a lot of emotions and having PTSD symptoms from a very young age well into adulthood.

My first major turning point happened when I was in third grade. I was an average student. I could still clearly remember selecting the wrong verb in a multiple choice answer for the sentence. We “be” students.

But one day, I decided that I wanted to go to the farthest place away from China to escape my Dad’s constant scolding. That was the United States, even though I didn’t know exactly how. The US and China did not have a diplomatic relationship at that time.

This is one great example of the power of intention. From that moment on, I started to excel in math, solving problems while other kids struggled with them. By the time I was in middle school, I started to win math, chemistry, English, and all kinds of competitions. I became a top student and relatively few to go to college in China at that time!

All along there was guidance from Spirit. In college, I was highly anxious and scattered. While reviewing complex chemistry, I would write down the key words 5 times just to help me focus. From my understanding now, I see I had a clear connection to the Quantum Field, because I was able to finish a 2-hour test in 45 minutes often by going into a super focus mode. I ended up  the first one out of 150 chemistry department students to win the opportunity to come to the US at age 21 to pursue a Ph.D in chemistry.

My corporate job after completing my Ph.D program was quite stressful, with my severe anxiety and my desire to excel in a corporate environment despite all the discomfort. On the drive home, all kinds of situations that I had not handled well at work would come up and I would spend the entire evening ruminating about my day. That is what eventually set me on this path. I started to read two books a month in all areas of self-improvement searching for truths and transformations.

Meanwhile, I climbed the corporate ladder and became a Technical Director of a large chemical company. But that success came at a price, as I often had a terrible nightmare where I was being chased by a bad guy. Now, I know that it was my life purpose chasing me.

The nightmare and my endless search stopped after I learned Movement Feedback from my late mentor Karl Wolfe. Karl was a mystic from the ancient mystery school, one of the rare few who transmitted timeless wisdom to students in silence and in the Quantum Field in order to make shifts happen for them. Karl was the driving force behind many Hollywood clients and business people (including billionaires) reaching tremendous success. Karl had a track record of helping many students add one or two zeros to their income!

I was a hardcore Ph.D Chemist not easily convinced by woo-woo stuff, but the experiences and benefits of connecting to the Quantum Field were so obvious to me. It helped me experience the wisdom of books in my body, and I finally shifted the lifelong patterns of fear and anxiety and was able to experience Deep Silence. After several years of practice, my movement has become flexible and fluid. My life has shifted to be filled with happiness and abundance.

Now I am a chemist turning into an alchemist, passing on Karl Wolfe’s teaching, so my students can connect to the Quantum Field easily and continuously.

I am in my Zone of Genius when I teach classes. I have so much fun in class that my Love and Joy spill over to the students. Seeing people light up and gain new insights fills me with great joy. New students seem super impressed by what I see within seconds or minutes of meeting them for the first time. I am eternally grateful for the gifts endowed by Spirit that allow me to be able to pinpoint what is holding individuals back during classes and help them release repressed emotions to allow Somatic Reprogramming TM to completely transform their lives.

I want to help people who have PTSD symptoms, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm. I want them to know it is possible to heal completely and change the entire trajectory of their life. No one is stuck in their current circumstances.  Teaching classes also helps to raise human consciousness. The search to heal my PTSD, helped me to find all the new components I needed to see life through its True Essence and help people let go of old patterns and suffering and move into limitless new possibilities.

Teaching Movement Feedback has also given me so many enlightening moments in this Spiritual Awakening journey. Being a teacher inspires me to stop myths and to rewire neuropathways for bliss. I am at level 4 in the five levels of enlightenment, which I use to evaluate students’ progression. My essence is wisdom, joy, nurturing, magic, and generosity.

The 5 Levels of Enlightenment are:

1. Joy

2. Beauty

3. Love

4. Acceptance

5. Flow

My intention and persistence in the following year after Karl’s passing to teach 200 classes to fellow classmates made a huge difference. Even though no one else showed up 80% of the time, I taught myself to embody the essence of Movement Feedback. Suddenly, after less than 6 months, I started to behold beauty, everything I saw became so beautiful instead of my old way of focusing on imperfections. Beholding beauty accelerated students’ shifts in class. It was like holding a space of beauty for students to easily step into. By the end of that year, many of the feeling-state reference points Karl gave us in classes and during One-on-One sessions came to me and I could easily recreate them for students. This helped people shift even faster!

Reaching this state, I knew it was time to spread the Magic to the world by starting Movement Feedback International™.  Since then, I have continued to add many of my own methods for students to implement and move forward even faster. Finally getting unstuck for the issues that you struggle for many years is priceless.

It is my mission to make Movement Feedback a household name so that more people can feel the peace and joy that comes from connecting to their source and moving beyond their wounds and limitations.