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Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge

Have you heard that happiness leads to success and abundance, not the other way around?

After teaching clients to manifest abundance for several years, I’ve discovered that happiness is the first step to open the floodgates of manifestation.

You may have a dream of being in loving relationships, moving to a dream house, or achieving multiple income streams. Everything is possible and within your reach if you open your mind to receive it.

So we decided to launch a 4-day Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge from December 6-9. It aligns well with the mission that everyone deserves to be a Miracle Maker to create an abundantly happy life filled with love and ease!

No matter how happy you are or what results you have achieved so far this year, 2023 can be an amazing year for you!

This challenge is for you, if you can relate to any of these questions:

  • Are you in constant anxiety, worry, or stress, especially with all the bad news flying around? 
  • Are your relationships strained by emotional triggers
  • Are you working really hard but only getting small results? 
  • Are there roadblocks in your life stopping you from fulfilling your true potential & ultimate goals & dreams?
  • Are you ready to level up your quality of life to one filled with happiness and abundance?

This challenge is to aim to improve the quality of your life in many areas.

You will gain insights and make breakthroughs to

  • Set yourself free from unhappiness.
  • Stay happy during hard times.
  • Connect to your true power for a life of ease
  • Create 10/10 happiness in different areas of your life.

By actively participate in the exercises during the challenge, you have opportunities to

  • Release old patterns keeping you stuck
  • Receive energetic upgrades to live an abundantly happy life.

12/6  Day 1 : Happiness is Innate

12/7  Day 2:  Happy during Turmoil

12/8  Day 3. Happiness from Growth

12/9  Day 4. Abundantly Happy Life

For 4 days from December 6-9 at 1:30 pm PST via Zoom. We will gather on Zoom for 30 minutes per day. I will share insights, then we will do Movement Feedback, where you have a chance to receive feedback from your movement that empowers you to release patterns that don’t serve you.

Join us for this powerful and transformative challenge to take your quality of life to the next level.

About Joan Yue

Dr. Joan Yue, is a Chemist turned Miracle Maker!

Dr. Joan’s mission is to help anyone become a Miracle Maker to create a happy, joyful, & abundant life!

Dr. Joan will create an experience for you that has been transforming her clients’ lives in Miraculous ways that include Spontaneous Healing, a Sense of Ease, Relaxation, & Extraordinary Financial Gains!

Book a Complimentary VIP Laser Coaching with Dr. Joan to begin the transformation from anxiety, depression & recession INTO a life of ease & abundance!

Dr. Joan uses proven methods to help herself then her clients break free from high levels of anxiety & severe PTSD & trauma-induced symptoms, which has enabled her & others to live their wildest dreams!

Dr. Joan is one of a small handful of people in the world that has been trained to connect with people deeply via the Quantum Field, empowering major shifts within a matter of a few minutes!

Dr. Joan has amazing abilities to see your blockages & release blocks & barriers holding you back, so you can be free from negative & repressed emotions. She resets you back to “factory settings,” the way you were designed to live your life from the very beginning!

Dr. Joan has numerous clients that have reported instantaneous, miracle healing from long term stress-related health issues, even after just one session!

Those who experienced Movement Feedback for the very 1st time, often reported experiencing deep silence & a sense of finally moving forward from being stuck & stagnant for a long time.

You will likely experience life-changing shifts during this challenge bringing you closer toward happiness, success, & freedom!

Eugene had a 20-minute Laser Coaching with Dr. Joan Yue, which shifted him profoundly.

“You planted a seed of possibilities in me that truly let me experience a quantum shift in a matter of minutes. I have a great many of things that typically would have me stressed waaaaay out. They still exist yet I’m not responding the way I used to. Because of you.”

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