Movement Feedback

The issues you’ve struggled for years can be gone quickly?

Wow! The issues you struggle for years can be gone quickly. Whatever issues you are struggling with, can be shifted quickly. All new possibilities are available in the Quantum Field for you to step into. In the Quantum Field, there is no time and space so shifting a long term issue is as easily asContinue reading “The issues you’ve struggled for years can be gone quickly?”

Movement Feedback Introduction

What is Movement Feedback? How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live life and what stories you tell about your life. Through movement feedback, you can break old patterns that do not serve you. In addition, you can expand to new possibilities so that a new bright futureContinue reading “Movement Feedback Introduction”

Awe and Wonders of the Quantum Field

Quantum Field = True Essence = Spirit = Higher self = Whatever higher power you can relate to. I was in a small practice group yesterday. They wanted me to demonstrate my teaching in the Quantum Field. So I decided to give a person feedback on her introduction. She talked about being proud of overcomingContinue reading “Awe and Wonders of the Quantum Field”

Setting Intention with Impartiality

Are you tired of not manifesting what you want? It is extremely important to set the intention with impartiality, meaning no craving, avoidance, resistance, or attachment. Is impartiality an emotion? Yes. Setting your intention should be just like ordering the pizza for that “special party”, you expect that the pizza will be delivered while yourContinue reading “Setting Intention with Impartiality”

Tapping into Your Superpowers (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a two-part article that teaches you how to access the superpowers in the Quantum Field. Please read Part 1 first. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, here is the link. What are the benefits of connecting to the Quantum Field? In a Movement Feedback class, the teacher provides theContinue reading “Tapping into Your Superpowers (Part 2)”