The Magic of the Quantum Field

Dr. Joan Yue was interviewed by Georgette Damian on the topic of “The Magic of the Quantum Field”. Joan discussed her journey in spiritual awakening, going from anxiety and short-lived happiness deriving from accomplishments to inner peace and freedom. Discussion also covered Divinity as the Quantum Field, Quantum Physics, manifestation, and practice tips to getContinue reading “The Magic of the Quantum Field”

Website Search Terms

These are the website search terms for SEO work. Please ignore. Movement FeedbackQuantum Movement FeedbackDance therapyMovement therapyDance Movement TherapyTherapeutic dance movementMovement Feedback CertificationQuantum Movement Feedback CertificationLove Hz MovementLove Hz Movement Feedback Dr. Karl WolfeKarl WolfeKarl R. WolfeDr. Karl R. WolfeKarlwolfe.orgKarl Wolfe CommunityKarl Wolfe Movement FeedbackQuantum Cybernetics Movement Feedback Somatic meditationSomatic therapySomatic movementSomatic movement therapySomatic healingSomaticContinue reading “Website Search Terms”

Lush Living

By Keith Irwin Working with Joan I now have the space in my body to feel and experience the world like never before.  My body held so much trauma and so many repressed emotions deep within and throughout that I was unable to perceive the world this way.  I had an experience of the worldContinue reading “Lush Living”


By Heather Mulhern Have you heard of it? It is for all ages. Kids are doing it in the streets-and have been for years! You have seen it in movies since time immemorial-or 1903. Before you “YouTube” it, take a look at these simple starter tips. Then go make your own video and post it.Continue reading “Curbing”

Allowing Spirit

By Heather Mulhern Hello All and Welcome May! What has struck me lately in Joan’s classes are the new participants coming in. They speak about Spirit and allowing Spirit to heal and adjust what is to be adjusted with ease and a normality as though everyone knows this.  While I knew that Spirit was underneath theContinue reading “Allowing Spirit”

On Acceptance

Recently life has given me a crash course on acceptance. My son told us he was going to make a major life decision that felt like a failure to us. After integrating the pain and shock, I communicated my acceptance and support to whatever decision he would make. Accepting whatever gifts life gives you, evenContinue reading “On Acceptance”

New Normal

By Heather Mulhern As I navigate the Quantum Reset that has been gifted to us via a Quarantine, I am  feeling all the things that my former busy-ness has kept me from feeling. As I watch myself not want to feel, I turn to redesigning my new normal, so that perhaps, I make more spaceContinue reading “New Normal”

Life Purpose

Now we have extra free time from staying at home, it is a good time to revisit or ponder our life purpose and inspirational goals. We will be well prepared to actualize your dreams once the pandemic is over. In the video below, Wayne Dyer quoted a great teacher who wrote “When you are inspiredContinue reading “Life Purpose”

On Anxiety

Anxiety is not an emotion.  Anxiety is a cover for something we do not want to feel. We use mechanisms such as disassociation or anxiety to bypass emotions the moment  they appear too intense. Right now we are in the confines of our homes with nowhere to be, no reason to ‘rush’. Really, no moreContinue reading “On Anxiety”

Choosing in Difficult Times

The pandemic spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has stirred up so much panic and fear across the world. With “Stay Home Safe” orders, our daily life styles are forced to change also. In particular, we have to be alone with ourselves and face those unwanted emotions pushed aside when busy running around before. What do weContinue reading “Choosing in Difficult Times”

Planetary Reset

By Heather Mulhern I just got my computer back from Geek Squad. There was a glitch or virus on my computer and I had them wipe the whole thing clean.  It feels good. For a moment I  panicked that I was making a huge mistake to delete everything off my computer ( which was backedContinue reading “Planetary Reset”

True Silence

By Heather Mulhern My son and I are reading a book about Albert Einstein’s life. What keeps surfacing in the book is how much Albert enjoys his quiet time. His time to think. What came to me is that this is not thinking time, it is his Quantum Field time. It is from these quietContinue reading “True Silence”

Enlightened from Within

By Heather Mulhern I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said that religion is like an elephant. Everyone is holding on to a piece of an elephant with their eyes shut and describing that one part. What sounds like a very different entity is actually just one isolated part and experience of the exact same animal. The animalContinue reading “Enlightened from Within”

What is Movement Feedback?

During a Movement Feedback online class, you have opportunities to dance or move freely. It doesn’t matter what exactly your movement is – it’s more about dropping the thoughts and allowing the body to integrate the energy. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live your life andContinue reading “What is Movement Feedback?”

Feedback Magic

By Joan Yue Movement Feedback, pioneered by Karl Wolfe, is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limitations that hold you back in life, so you actualize new possibilities! It is my mission to pass on Karl’s legacy for mankind by teaching Movement Feedback. How you do anything is howContinue reading “Feedback Magic”

Open Hearts for Love

By Heather Mulhern In the month of February, let us dare to open our hearts.  Easier said than done, right! I came up with this exercise from a combo of inspiration from Joan’s movement and my own: Inner heart, outer front heart, outer back heart, all three aspects of heart-connect to the outer space FeelContinue reading “Open Hearts for Love”

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