Movement Feedback

Dare to be Limitless, Embody Freedom & Abundance

Dare to be Limitless Challenge

Do you ever overthink, causing distraction from progressing forward and living with joy?

You’re not alone, I hear this over and over from my clients. This is why I’m happy to announce the return of my very popular 5-Day Interactive Challenge Dare to be Limitless!

This time it’s FREE and open to all. Join our challenge to break away from overthinking and begin to live your life with joy.

We begin Monday, September 6 at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET through Friday, September 10.

Join us and learn to: 

  • Free yourself from old patterns 
  • Release addictive behaviors 
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Effortlessly handle life’s obstacles 
  • Embody freedom and abundance

If you missed our last challenge you don’t want to skip this one!

“My heart feels full. I am so grateful to have met you. After this challenge, I truly see the possibility and how I have limited myself all these years. I am starting to move forward.” Tiffany

Here’s what to expect:

I have years of experience connecting people deeply and quickly into the Quantum Field. Whether you are new to Quantum Healing or a knowledgeable veteran, everyone needs help removing their limitations and blocks.

For the first 4 days, we will spend 45 minutes together, in a supportive community, with a focus on being LIMITLESS. You can ask clarifying questions and get feedback that can help change the course of your life. We also incorporate movement also to help you release limitations and resistance.

Day 1: Stepping into Infinite Possibilities

Day 2: Turbocharge your Transformations

Day 3: Enjoy Emotional Ease

Day 4: Turbocharge your manifestations

Day 5: BONUS SESSION is back too! The popular Money is Love Integration is returning for day 5, walk away from this challenge ready to receive abundance in your life.

Don’t hesitate. 

Get more out of life now.

I can help.

I don’t know if I will offer it again for free, so be sure to grab your spot.
Looking forward to seeing you! Monday, September 6 at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET.

Joan Yue

a Ph.D Chemist turned into an Alchemist.

Joan is passionate about spreading the magic of Movement Feedback, which had changed her life completely to be free from high anxiety and severe PTSD symptoms since infancy and enable her to live her wildest dreams.

She is elite few in the world, being able to connect people deeply into the Quantum Field quickly in a matter of minutes. Joan has amazing abilities to see and release energy blocks, help clients release repressed emotions. and perform somatic reprogramming. Some clients reported magical healing of a wide range of long term stressed-related issues after just 1 One on One session. Those who try her free Movement Feedback class for the 1st time, often report experiencing deep silence and a sense of finally moving forward from being stuck.