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Dare to Manifest Money

Many of us have love and hate relationships with money. To some, the thought of money brings up despair, worries, fears, and even terror. 

Money is energy and it triggers so many energetic ties. People can have core wounds about money from the starseed, past life, ancestry, childhood, current circumstances, etc.

It is sad to see spiritual people with hopes and dreams to make a huge impact on humanity, but the lack of money drains their energy and motivation. 

I want to help you get out of money struggles, and make money your ally. I want you to learn to create an intimate relationship with money. 

When you learn to be intimate with money, you learn to be intimate with love. Your relationships transform as a result. It also helps you to be intimate with your work to maximize your impact.

Join the Dare to Manifest Money Challenge to improve your relationship with money. 

In two short months you will: 

  1. Get on top of your finances and feel in control of your money.
  2. Turn your relationship with money from fears and self sabotage to love and inspired actions.
  3. Reprogram yourself to feel like a million bucks so you will have success and ease when it comes to manifesting money!

It will start on Monday 2/21/2022. 

Dare to Manifest Money 60-Day Challenge

It is a rare opportunity to work with me this way to connect to the Quantum Field, heal past wounds, and reprogram for abundance. I probably just do this one time. 

We will meet on 2/21 and 4/21 for 30 minutes each to kick off and wrap up the challenge on Zoom at 1 pm PST. You can send me questions to answer and will receive the replay if you can’t make it live.

For the 8 weeks we are together manifesting money, you will receive a video around 10 minutes encoded with Quantum healing to clear money blocks from a different aspect each week. Each video also reprograms you to live in abundance. We will have other activities to keep you in the energy of manifestation.

Week 1 Money is Love 

Week 2 Free Yourself with Forgiveness 

Week 3 New possibilities 

Week 4 Overcome fears 

Week 5 Heal Inner Child 

Week 6 Clear Emotional Overwhelm 

Week 7 Peak performance   

Week 8 Abundance