Deep Dive Series

The goals of this monthly class are to build bonding among members of our like-minded community, to become fully present and engaged in our lives, and to speed up our Spiritual Awakening.


Our old behavior patterns are often held in place by emotions we do not want to feel. It results in us not doing what we need to do or doing what we should not do. There are five ways not to feel emotions: dissociation, anxiety, repression, avoidance, and distractions. Penetrating emotions is the way to freedom and expanded consciousness.

Emotional cleanup is key to connecting more deeply into the Quantum Field. It also plays an important role in the four dimensions of Spiritual Awakening which are “Wake up, Cleanup, Grow up, and Show up”.

“Emotions are love from the universe.” -Karl Wolfe

I use the five levels of Enlightenment to evaluate Movement Feedback students’ progression in embodiment of the teaching. Embodying love in Level 3 of is about penetrating emotions in order to fully experience love.

1. Joy
2. Beauty
3. Love
4. Acceptance
5. Flow

I have practiced 10,000 hours of feeling emotions and have found freedom by integrating layers and layers of these emotions. Needless to say, there is always more to uncover in the lifelong journey to becoming more intimate with oneself and others.

In the Deep Dive Series, we will share experiences in handling emotions to increase awareness and facilitate integration. We will practice pattern interrupt techniques and support each other to go deeper into difficult emotions in order to penetrate them completely.


When we are in the dream state, our ego is offline. Dreams reveal messages from Spirit regarding where you were, what you are doing in your life now, and where you are going. I have received profound lessons from my dreams and even information about stock market turning points.

You can come whether you have a dream to share or not. Those who come with a dream may describe it to the group and gain different perspectives in the Quantum Field. You will have an opportunity to take on another person’s dream by describing it. This process reveals your life filters yielding profound insight to help you heal and be fully engaged in your life.

Students will also have opportunities to share their learning and insights from the past month to move each other forward even more quickly.

The first class will be on 8/29 at 1:30 pm PDT

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