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I am committed to helping clients heal without rehashing past traumas and free themselves from medications!

We get these questions a lot. Here are our best answers…

Do I need to share my feelings and traumas?

No. It's not talk therapy. I can feel and release your feelings and emotional imprinting from past traumas without you telling me. A one-hour 1:1 session is equivalent to many years of talk therapy.

Will it work if I have tried many programs and modalities before that haven't worked?

Yes. This work is way deeper to release your repressed emotions and blocks. Miracle Maker Program teaches you to rewire your mind and nervous system to make permanent changes for total happiness.

Is healing less potent if I live far away?

No. I have worked with clients all over the world via Zoom, making equally profound shifts through the power of the Quantum Field.

Does it work if I am not a religious, spiritual, or woo-woo person or if I don't understand how it works?

Yes. It is all about releasing trauma off the body and connecting into your body. You can see your true power as your higher self or the Universe.

Is this work in conflict with my religion?

No, it works with clients of all faith. It is about connecting deeper into your body. It gives you a deeper access to your divine nature however you relate to it.

Is this similar to EFT or Reiki?

No. My Miracle healing is one-of-a-kind and deeper than 99% of other energy healing modalities. It is also done-for-you so you don't need to rehash your past traumas.

How is Miracle Maker Program different from Miracle Healing Package?

The Miracle Maker Program includes Miracle Healing in One on Ones and remote group healing to help you become unstuck. It has Movement Feedback to break unwanted patterns too. You also learn to rewire yourself for total happiness.

How is Miracle Healing different from Movement Feedback?

There is no movement involved in Miracle Healing, where I help you release heavy emotions. In Movement Feedback, you release unwanted patterns identified during your movement.

Will this work if I meditate a lot but still feel anxious or emotional?

Yes. I release the intense emotions causing you to be anxious or emotional. You also learn simple tools to use for life to rewire yourself for emotional ease and total happiness.

Does it help me with money blocks?

Yes. I help you release blocked energy regarding money from your conditioning and your lineage too. You also learn manifestation secrets and have tools to practice receiving.

How much time is needed to be in Miracle Maker Program?

2-3 hours a week of course work and 1/2 hour of intentionally practicing using the tools each day.

When can I start Miracle Maker Program?

Any time. You get to schedule 1:1s and group classes on your schedule and watch the digital courses when you have time.

What happens in a Movement Feedback class?

You get to dance or move to music on Zoom. Then I will give you feedback on the patterns that hold you back and show you how to release them.

What happens in a One on One?

It is an easy and done-for-you process. I feel your repressed emotions through the Quantum Field so physical distance is not an issue. I often rub my chest physically to process and release your deeply repressed emotions.

Does feedback really hurt like criticism?

I deliver feedback from love to help you move out of stuck patterns. The group classes are held in a loving and supportive environment with like-minded people.

How does Quantum Leap Digital Course work?

By watching the Q/A sessions on how to be unstuck on a variety of issues, you receive the reference points and gain insights to become unstuck in your own stuck areas.

Why will movement help my overthinking?

Body is the unconscious mind. Your body automates your reactive thinking loops without you being aware of it. By grounding in your body, you stop 80% of overthinking.

How long do I have the access of the digital courses?

Life time access.

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