Free Yourself From Negative and Repressed Emotions That are Limiting Your Potential and Live an Abundantly Happy Life

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Quatum Girl

Hey There, I'm Dr. Joan Yue... Chemist Turned Miracle Healer

Many people don’t believe in miracles until they meet me.


I help clients who are ready to harness superpowers within to reset the nervous system, shift out of overthinking, and ease into abundance.


Before working with me, my clients had done a lot of self-improvement and healing work, and had seen shifts here and there, but just not in the most important area they want to shift. 


I am like a chiropractor of the nervous system, to help them release repressed emotions and unblock limitations and make fast and permanent shifts towards peace and ease. In addition, I teach two simple alignment tools for them to use for life to handle emotions with ease and master self-command so that they can create loving relationships, true abundance, and freedom.


I’ve put together this series of 5 videos so you can learn one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limitations that hold you back in life. This is your time to level up and join the Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge!

My Journey to Harness My Superpowers

When I was a high-powered executive at a multinational corporation, I only valued numbers, formulas, and charts. I had no interest in anything spiritual.


But deep down, I was haunted by childhood trauma and the stress of my career and motherhood overwhelmed me emotionally. I was disconnected from my family, and my anxiety was through the roof. I was often distracted when my kids talked to me and said “OK. OK.” even though I didn’t really hear what they said. 


I did my best to repress and ignore emotions, but things got so bad that I checked into the ER having a panic attack. The incident got me to seek an immediate and complete change in my life.


I spent years trying all kinds of self-improvement programs and healing modalities, but I didn’t really experience permanent shifts. I was still stuck emotionally and repeating old behaviors that no longer served me and held me back from living my best life and creating the results I want.


Mind/Body/Spirit alignment was a game changer for me!


By connecting deeply into my body, I felt a sense of deep peace, much like sinking into the ocean where the waves on top no longer bothered me. It also helped me stop my constant overthinking which created a lot of self-doubt and indecision. My confidence skyrocketed. 


I didn’t want a spiritual awakening – I just wanted to live an easier life.


The lesson I learned was that by deeply connecting to my body, I could connect to Spirit (Infinite love or higher self) to experience miracles daily. The miracles could be things simply working out, interactions becoming easy, or income arriving out of the blue.


The deep connection enables me to tap into gut instinct, gaining so much clarity and guidance on my next steps when starting my coaching business and during difficult times.


This is why I do what I do!


It is because too many people overthink causing them to be stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and unhappy. They are done with experiencing relationship difficulties, feeling stuck in a limited version of themselves, and working too hard to produce little results.


I help them quickly move past overthinking and start experiencing abundance and freedom.

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