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Happiness During Turmoil

What Clients are Saying About the Miracle Maker Program

Have you heard about nervous system freeze?

It could be the real cause of why you are stuck in the important area you always want to shift. 
Your nervous system shuts you down, due to an overload of repressed emotions, causing anxiety, overwhelm, confusion, and indecision to take action and move forward. Even inadequacy is a defensive mechanism to stop you from showing up and taking on more emotional risks.

You have done a lot of self-improvement and healing work and you’ve seen shifts. Yet in the most important area of your life, you still have limitations. You just haven’t seen the kind of shifts that would be truly transformational.


You may have even put your life on hold. You are so busy doing programs, searching and practicing various tools to fix this area that you simply don’t have the energy or time for other good things in your life, such as deep meaningful friendships, romantic love, luxury vacations, etc. It makes you feel stuck and hopeless at times.

I can help. Dr. Joan Yue, Chemist turned Miracle Healer here. I am like a chiropractor of the nervous system to help you release repressed emotions and unblock limitations so that you can make fast and permanent shifts towards peace and ease. I teach you two simple alignment tools for you to use for life! They are all you need to handle emotions with ease and master self-command so that you can create loving relationships, true abundance, and freedom. 

Are you ready to make the final shift to reach your dream?

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