Heal and Thrive Telesummit



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8/14/2020 3 pm PST

Come to experience the magic of the Quantum Field, energy healing, and spiritual awakening. Connect to the powerful part of you to go with the flow of life. You will receive powerful energy healing during interviews from several renowned healers. In addition, you will learn about movement feedback, transformational breathing, stress reduction, emotional intelligence, and many practical skills to empower yourself, move forward with ease, and thrive with love and abundance.

August 14thDr. Alex BennetOur Spiritual Connection
August 15thR. Christian MinsonThe stages from Darkness to Light
August 16thAlicia HowerySacred Power Transformations
August 17thFay PrairieEmotional Intelligence
August 18thWilma AguilaA Natural Way to Heal
August 19thLolita GuarinStress Management During Pandemic
August 20thGeorgette DamianDevelop Intuition and Align Destiny
August 21stJessica FramminPain Relief
August 22ndGiovanna QuiriciThe Healing Power of Plants
August 23rdValerie Chan & Joan YueThe Magic of Movement Feedback
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