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Are you ready to magically transform and finally manifest your wildest dreams? Are you tired of endless attempts to fix yourself and your life, only ending up more tired and frustrated? 

You can completely transform your life even if you have tried everything else. The missing piece is Somatic Reprogramming TM .

Somatic Reprogramming TM through Movement Feedback and the Quantum Field, it will help you to reprogram your automatic unconscious thinking and emotional processes that often escape your detection and will allow you to function automatically in a high performance state.

With the combination of One on Ones, Movement Feedback, and Quantum Leap classes, you will learn how to:

  • Access the infinite possibilities in the Quantum Field quickly and easily without hours of meditation.
  • See life through your true essence to bounce back quickly from setbacks.
  • Free yourself from old patterns and addictive behaviors without needing hard discipline.
  • Raise your vibrations without needing to control thoughts and feelings.
  • Handle difficult “in the heat of the moment” emotions with ease in order to take massive positive actions.

New students often experience profound shifts during their first Movement Feedback class, after connecting to the true self in the Quantum Field. They have shared experiencing joy, silence, or/and inner knowingness.

Movement Feedback helps you silence your mind, stay in the body, connect to your power within, and find your inner guidance.

What is Movement Feedback?

You are welcome to experience the magic of Movement Feedback. The Zoom class is held in a safe, private, and loving space, where everyone comes to learn from each other, it is a judgment free zone. We get together, then I play music for you to dance or move freely. After each music piece, I provide feedback if I see any energetic patterns that hold you back and teach you to move the energy through your body in order to gently release it. You will feel immediate shifts.

Example of the feedback process.

Movement reveals your hidden energetic patterns, while the feedback boosts your alignment to the Quantum Field. 

Sometimes, I ask participants to try out a new movement. It helps me notice and assist participants in releasing all kinds of unconscious suffering patterns. The feedback is safe and compassionate, intending to accelerate your growth!

How do Transformations Work?

Transformations come after the feedback, through the reference point of a high vibrational state I hold for you as opposed to low vibrational state in your particular pattern. Once you get a glimpse of the reference point in your body, it enables you to make a Quantum Leap without struggling on your own. The process works quickly by transforming your identity from a limited version of you to your true essence of peace, ease, alignment, and abundance.

This work can systematically help you heal at the cellular level, reset your nervous system, and magically rewire your brain through the Quantum Field. Making right choices from moment to moment becomes second nature for you to live up to your infinite potential. Major shifts and lasting changes in lifelong patterns are often manifested in one or more areas below.

Are you willing to look within and receive feedback on your blind spots in order to be limitless?

Dare to be limitless, fulfill your greatest potential. What are the costs of staying stuck? wasting years in fears, feeling powerless, lacking freedom.

Benefits from Changing Lifelong Patterns:

  • Mental: quiet mind, clarity
  • Physical: health, viability, youthfulness, flexibility, mobility
  • Emotional: love, joy, peace, happy relationships
  • Spiritual: deep silence, awakening, enlightenment, enlightenment
  • Financial: financial success, abundance

In One on Ones you will receive Quantum Energy Healing to release repressed emotions and old karma as well as Reprogramming for empowering emotional patterns of ease and freedom.

Quantum Leap classes are in a Q/A format to share insights to help transform issues that you are stuck with.

Movement Feedback helps you silence your mind, stay in the body, connect to your power within, and find your inner guidance.

Come to connect with your child-like joy!

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