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Meet Dr. Joan Yue

Movement Feedback aligns the Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limitations that hold you back in life, so you actualize new possibilities!

People go to the gym to exercise muscles, in Movement Feedback you exercise happiness muscles to stop suffering. In class, you get to release lots of stressful and painful emotions. Additionally, I lead you to feel happy emotions in your body, and support you to connect to your true essence and to infinite love.

My passion is to share the magic of Movement Feedback with the world. It fills me with joy to see students transform during class and in their lives afterwards. Students in general report calmer, happier, better relationships, and a higher quality of life overall. Major shifts in lifelong patterns are often manifested in one or more areas, such as physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial growth.

I have embodied the teaching of the late Karl Wolfe, who pioneered Quantum Cybernetics Movement Feedback™ and impacted so many lives with his teaching in Spiritual Awakening. With my own unique strengths, innovative nature, and integration of other advanced methodologies, my mission is to explore the full potential and expand the reach of Karl’sone of the besttransformational frameworks for personal growth. Fellow students have commented, “Joan has taken Movement Feedback to a much higher level and made classes fun, by mastering the art of feedback and providing specific instructions to move through limitations for dramatic shifts quickly.”

Our vision is to touch as many lives as possible with Karl’s legacy for mankind, and to enable students to fully embody “Move, Feel, Be Silent, Stop Myths, and Choose Vision” teaching and to become teachers with Movement Feedback Certification™.

Welcome to Quantum Field Connect™ to magical experiences of the Quantum Field!

During a Love Hz Movement Feedback™ online class, you have opportunities to dance or move freely. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live your life. With love and compassion, I report details on your energy patterns, limiting stories, and unproductive behaviors. Then I give you movement instructions to clear them, often instantly and magically.

My unique way of teaching moves you forward by focusing on what you do right as well as the body connections and energy shifts you need to make. I also provide reference points to take you to high vibrational emotional states, and connect you to the Quantum Field where you feel innate joy, safety, and ease in your body.

With the worldwide advance towards self-awareness and higher consciousness, meditation has gained popularity in recent years. Movement Feedback is a form of somatic meditation, in which movement allows you to drop thoughts and reach a really deep silence. In class, you receive feedback on your unconscious mental/emotional processes while occurring, which is a powerful way to train your observer and increases your awareness.

As compared to Yoga, Movement Feedback increases the body awareness even more, with the added elements of feedback and grounding. Grounding allows energy to move you with ease, instead of you relying solely on muscles. The ease in movement is then transmuted to the ease and flow in your life.

In class, we also have fun exploring all varieties of movement and breath to increase flexibility, mobility, and vitality. It is very common that students look younger and feel younger after extended practice of Movement Feedback.

What differentiates Movement Feedback from many other spiritual, energy, or self-improvement work is that you can actually immerse yourself in joy and experience deep silence physically in your body.

In Money is Love ™ classes, we examine your relationship with money, shift the energetic feeling states, and align your vision to manifest what you want in life!

With Ph.D & MBA degrees and corporate executive experiences, I can also assist you in strategic and tactical areas to achieve business success. Balance business and life in the flow!

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