Movement Feedback

How does transformation work?

We all have some brief or long experiences of peak performance states, when everything can be done easily and effortlessly. It is also called the Flow state. Major shifts occur during Movement Feedback, when you receive the reference points of corresponding peak performance states in the areas where you are stuck. You are able to maintain these states with regular class participation. As a result, you completely transform your life and manifest your life dreams. The benefits will have ripple effects on people in your life and around you.

This program can systematically help you heal at the cellular level, reset your nervous system, and magically rewire your brain through the Quantum Field. Making right choices from moment to moment becomes second nature for you to live up to your infinite potential.

Many people who come to Movement Feedback have tried many many self-help practices, transformational programs, and healing modalities without success. I can relate to the internal struggles shown in their movements, from trying to fix and manage life.

Instead of just chipping the “tip of the iceberg” involving past issues and traumas, Movement Feedback can connect you deeply to your true essence. Quantum Leap classes share insights so that unbearable emotions holding you back become manageable. The resulting safety and trust you feel raise the temperature to melt the layers of ice forever. One-on-One sessions with Joan utilize unique Quantum Healing Techniques to facilitate cracks in the iceberg to release large chunks of somatic “stuckness” that you could not access for all these years to float away. You will implement a proven formula with insights and tools to transmute your intense negative reactions and old patterns that run havoc in your life right now, to inner peace and inspired actions. Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap to experience major breakthroughs now?