Setting Intention with Impartiality

Are you tired of not manifesting what you want? It is extremely important to set the intention with impartiality, meaning no craving, avoidance, resistance, or attachment. Is impartiality an emotion? Yes. Setting your intention should be just like ordering the pizza for that “special party”, you expect that the pizza will be delivered while yourContinue reading “Setting Intention with Impartiality”

Tapping into Your Supernatural Powers in 2021 (Part 2)

Many people make New Year resolutions and plan goals for 2021. This is Part 2 of a two-part article that teaches you how to access the supernatural powers in the Quantum Field. Please read Part 1 first. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, here is the link. What are the benefits of connecting toContinue reading “Tapping into Your Supernatural Powers in 2021 (Part 2)”

The Magic of the Quantum Field

Dr. Joan Yue was interviewed by Georgette Damian on the topic of “The Magic of the Quantum Field”. Joan discussed her journey in spiritual awakening, going from anxiety and short-lived happiness deriving from accomplishments to inner peace and freedom. Discussion also covered Divinity as the Quantum Field, Quantum Physics, manifestation, and practice tips to getContinue reading “The Magic of the Quantum Field”

Website Search Terms

These are the website search terms for SEO work. Please ignore. Movement FeedbackQuantum Movement FeedbackDance therapyMovement therapyDance Movement TherapyTherapeutic dance movementMovement Feedback CertificationQuantum Movement Feedback CertificationLove Hz MovementLove Hz Movement Feedback Dr. Karl WolfeKarl WolfeKarl R. WolfeDr. Karl R. WolfeKarlwolfe.orgKarl Wolfe CommunityKarl Wolfe Movement FeedbackQuantum Cybernetics Movement Feedback Somatic meditationSomatic therapySomatic movementSomatic movement therapySomatic healingSomaticContinue reading “Website Search Terms”

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