Movement Feedback

Have you heard about nervous system freeze?

It could be the real cause of why you are stuck in the important area you always want to shift. Your nervous system shuts you down, due to an overload of repressed emotions, causing anxiety, overwhelm, confusion, and indecision to take action and move forward. Even inadequacy is a defensive mechanism to stop you fromContinue reading “Have you heard about nervous system freeze?”

The issues you’ve struggled for years can be gone quickly?

Wow! The issues you struggle for years can be gone quickly. Whatever issues you are struggling with, can be shifted quickly. All new possibilities are available in the Quantum Field for you to step into. In the Quantum Field, there is no time and space so shifting a long term issue is as easily asContinue reading “The issues you’ve struggled for years can be gone quickly?”

Somatic Reprogramming

Does it feel like you have tried everything? Countless self-help books and podcasts, different therapies and therapists, maybe even energy healing might have helped a little or for a short time but you still haven’t gotten the results you desire. Look no further…The missing piece is Somatic Reprogramming TM. Somatic Reprogramming TM through Movement Feedback and the QuantumContinue reading “Somatic Reprogramming”

Movement Feedback Introduction

What is Movement Feedback? How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live life and what stories you tell about your life. Through movement feedback, you can break old patterns that do not serve you. In addition, you can expand to new possibilities so that a new bright futureContinue reading “Movement Feedback Introduction”

Awe and Wonders of the Quantum Field

Quantum Field = True Essence = Spirit = Higher self = Whatever higher power you can relate to. I was in a small practice group yesterday. They wanted me to demonstrate my teaching in the Quantum Field. So I decided to give a person feedback on her introduction. She talked about being proud of overcomingContinue reading “Awe and Wonders of the Quantum Field”