Movement Feedback

Dare to be Limitless, Embody Freedom & Abundance

Choosing in Difficult Times

The pandemic spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has stirred up so much panic and fear across the world. With “Stay Home Safe” orders, our daily life styles are forced to change also. In particular, we have to be alone with ourselves and face those unwanted emotions pushed aside when busy running around before. What do weContinue reading “Choosing in Difficult Times”

Enlightened from Within

By Heather Mulhern I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said that religion is like an elephant. Everyone is holding on to a piece of an elephant with their eyes shut and describing that one part. What sounds like a very different entity is actually just one isolated part and experience of the exact same animal. The animalContinue reading “Enlightened from Within”

What is Movement Feedback?

During a Movement Feedback online class, you have opportunities to dance or move freely. It doesn’t matter what exactly your movement is – it’s more about dropping the thoughts and allowing the body to integrate the energy. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live your life andContinue reading “What is Movement Feedback?”

Why is Movement Feedback so Effective?

The difficulties you experience in life often show up in your physical movement. For example, if you are rigid in thinking, it can be observed as tightness in the spine and a small range of movement. If you have a hard time making decisions to change, I can see your hesitation or resistance in shiftingContinue reading “Why is Movement Feedback so Effective?”