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Unfreeze Nervous System

Miracle Healing Process helps you release heavy emotional burdens, shift relationship difficulties and gain clarity!

One-of-a-kind Miracle Healing, deeper than 99% of other modalities.

These powerful private Zoom sessions are specifically designed to release various forms of blocks driving unproductive behaviors and results in your life. Clients often report Miracle Healing of releasing years of stuck emotions or long term stress-related issues. Many health-related issues are caused by stuffed emotions.


I remember how hard it was to shake off repetitive and negative thoughts before I started to clear my emotions. I know how much anxiety and strong emotions can take over your life. There is more to life than just surviving. I have helped set free hundreds of clients all over the world  to become who they want to be.

What happens during a Miracle Healing session? I feel and tell you what repressed emotions I am sensing then process them as if they were mine. I literally do a physical rubbing action to scrub those repressed emotions off your nervous system. It will help you feel much better and move forward quickly.

I believe that you can be free from blocks to live a better life!

The Miracle Healing Package helps reset nervous system freeze, release years of repressed emotions, shift unhappy relationship situations, and finally gain clarity on the next steps to move forward.


You can use the Miracle Healing Package to redeem three 90-minute One on One sessions via Zoom.

What to expect from Miracle Healing Package?

Done-for-you Processes
Done-for-you Processes

Happy Relationships

Remove unhealthy energetic ties with others to reduce emotionally draining relationships and create loving relationships.


Magic Eraser

Release deep, heavy, and repressed emotions to reset your nervous system so you are ready to move forward quickly!

Forward Momentum

Channel critical insights and clear next steps from the Quantum Field for you to take actions on one important area of your choice!

Experience the profound impact of done-for-you

Miracle Healing Process

Step 1


Cut unhealthy energy ties with others to shift relationship difficulties and create happy relationships.

Step 2


Release your past traumas and repressed emotions to reset the nervous system for you to move forward.

Step 3


Channel important information for you to gain clarity on the next steps on an important goal of your choice!


“Joan’s work is magical. Acid reflux issue healed after one 1:1” – Kristen

Depression got better and acid reflux was gone after one 1:1. – Leanna

“I wish that I met you 30 years ago.” Completely transformed a difficult relationship without doing anything. – Ron

In just 9 days had best monthly sales in 3 years. Moved to Cancun. – Amirali

My 12-year son’s ADHD behaviors completely shifted. – Catherine

My 14-year old son’s OCD was eliminated like it never happened after a few sessions. – Ryan

“I have been coaching for a couple of years now but wasn’t clear on how to reach my target audience, create my content, and even develop my program. Spending just one and half hours with her opened SO much for me! It was like a cloud that was hanging over me had finally opened to let the sunshine through! I got so clear on my messaging that the “fear” I had experienced in the past has been lifted! I am so grateful to have spent that time with her and all the clarity I received. Thank you, Joan! When you are ready to get out of your own way, reach out to Joan! It won’t take you weeks or months to get it….it will literally take you hours!” – Asma


“I had so many negative energies weighing me down. Joan is like the magic eraser, clearing all of the negative energy that was holding me back. Don’t wait until you are paralyzed by negative emotions like I did. Take advantage of Joan’s big magic eraser and you will have peace and clarity.” –Linda


You Benefit Most if any applies

Why is it important to remove blocks?

So many of us struggle with accepting abundance, despite our extensive self-improvement work or deep spiritual growth journey. Sometimes no matter how many books we read or how much time we spend meditating or even how many self-improvement programs we have done, we still have stubborn energy blocks that keep us from truly transforming our lives



The blocks can come from past experiences, family environments, cultural conditioning, our bodies or our current environment, and even trauma. Sometimes we are aware of our triggers, other times we are not.  All we know is that something is standing between us and the peace, joy, and abundance we want to receive.



Whether it’s financial abundance, fulfilling relationships, or true inner peace, it’s all within our grasp. The Miracle Healing Package can help you clear both emotional and money blocks in order for you to get to your next level of success!

How does it work?

You have probably heard that you need to feel your emotions in order to release them. It may surprise you that many of your emotions are repressed, meaning that you don’t have access to them because your brain blocks them for your emotional survival.

Through the power of the Quantum Field, I can feel your repressed emotions and stuck energies directly and process them so they are released for you. Physical distance is not an issue, and I have worked with people all over the world.


There is no need for you to discuss your past traumas or events if you don’t feel like it. This unique process works especially well for small kids, producing even more powerful life-changing shifts because their emotional tanks are not as full.


During the Miracle Healing sessions, we will also discuss an important goal you would like to achieve. A lot of times, emotional blocks mask the clarity needed to move forward. You don’t need years of study or struggles. Actually all you need are simple next steps to move the needle. It could be clarifying your vision, nailing down your messaging, tapping into more abundance, or creating easier relationships. I can channel critical insights from the Quantum Field to help you gain clarity on the next steps to take inspired actions to create what you want.

To be free from blocks and get to your next level success

Miracle Maker Program is a better fit if

To release your emotional burdens, dramatically improve your relationship difficulties and finally gain clarity on your next steps…

In this session, we will 

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