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Miracle Maker Program

Creating an abundantly happy life with ease!

Everyone deserves to be a Miracle Maker and create an abundantly happy life with ease!

Your abundantly happy life could mean experiencing vibrant health, having loving relationships, starting your new business, moving to your dream house, having multiple income streams, living life on your own terms, making the most of everyday, making the most of every opportunity, and living your life’s purpose to the fullest.

In the Miracle Maker 8-week program, you make major shifts towards peace and ease and gain simple Mind/Body/Spirit alignment tools to use for life so that you create loving relationships, true abundance and freedom.

How many self-help books have you bought that provided insight but no permanent change?

How many retreats have you been to where you left high on the magic, but it faded before you made lasting changes?

Are you tired of endless attempts to fix yourself and everything around you?

You have tried positive thinking and meditation for hours, but you are still taken over by emotions. You have done countless pages of journaling, but you are still not getting what you want. You are deep into the law of attraction, but you have little results to show.

Now you have decided to make permanent and lasting shifts. You know that there must be a better way. And you are ready to go beyond your mind, into truly healing your body and your energy. Yes, the pathway to stop your emotional turmoil, energetic stuckness, and unfulfilling results is mind/body/Spirit alignment. When you are aligned in all three areas, you tap into your true power to create an abundantly happy life with ease. This is what we do inside the Miracle Maker.

You can benefit the most from the program if:

  1. You are over being emotionally stuck and not confident about next steps.
  2. You are open to energy healing for fast shifts.
  3. You are willing to receive feedback to release unconscious patterns.
  4. You are willing to practice alignment tools to live an abundantly happy life with ease.

The reason that I created this program is …

Hey, I am Dr. Joan Yue, Chemist turned Miracle Healer. In Miracle Maker Program, I share the secrets to life and the best of best transformational tools I have finally discovered after more than twenty years of searching. I have transformed myself from being a highly anxious, emotionally overwhelmed, overthinking individual being filled with PTSD symptoms to being happy for no reason with ease and abundance. Now I want to bring my powerful and uncommon gifts to you so you can do the same.

Why do my clients experience rapid shifts within weeks? That’s because …

1. I am one of the elite few in the world that can connect people quickly and deeply into the Quantum Field to shift magically and move forward with ease.

2. I release repressed emotions and energy blocks at the deepest level, beyond 99% of the techniques out there. This unique done-for-you process bypasses years of trauma healing/therapy dwelling on negative experiences so you can focus on and move towards what you really want.

3. I teach you how to see emotions as love from the Universe, how to stay connected to your higher self during emotional turmoil, and how to move through resistance to take action.

Through this powerful and effective work, my clients shift into happiness & peace of mind, manifest loving relationship, move to a new house, heal stress-related health issues, and increase income.

See the miraculous transformation Antonia made within a month. Every area of her life completely shifted including relationship harmony, more incomes, new house, and new baby in a year.

It truly works! The great thing about this is that it’s simple and more effective than anything I have done. ” -Antonia

How will Miracle Maker transform you?

  1. Begin to release deep, heavy emotions so that you can stop repeating self-sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck in certain relationship issues or financial situations.  
  2. Connect into your body to stop overthinking and tap into gut instinct so you can find your true power and clarity on next steps.
  3. Learn how to handle challenging emotions with increasing ease so that you can transform your relationships with yourself, others, & money and take actions towards your dreams.
  4. Permanently increase your happiness setpoint so you experience increasing peace of mind and innate joy.  
  5. Initiate mind/body/Spirit alignment to experience synchronicities and miracles.

What kind of miracles you may ask?

You experience things simply working out, interactions becoming easy, or income arriving out of blue.

This is what the Miracle Maker Program can do for you!

What does the Miracle Maker Program include?

  • 4 60-minute One on Ones.
  • 8 remote group healing sessions (no need to show up).
  • 8 Movement Feedback group classes. 
  • Miracle Maker digital course with 8 modules.
  • Quantum Leap digital course with 14 modules around 75 mins released throughout 8 weeks. 
  • Ongoing 1:1 support throughout the 8 weeks.

After 8 weeks, you have tools to use for the rest of your life to handle emotions with increasing ease and become open and receptive to love and abundance.

Reading to Take the Next Step to Finally Heal and Move Forward?

Schedule a Complimentary VIP Laser Coaching session to see whether Miracle Maker is a good fit for you. In this session we will identify what is holding you back energetically, then discuss what you really want, so you can gain clarity on how to become unstuck and move forward towards a life you deserve! If I feel Miracle Maker will support you, I will invite you to put a deposit towards the program.



From feeling angry, having difficulties, experiencing resistance to being alone

To being super happy with a loving life partner.


From feeling stuck and having pain & constant breakdowns in her life

To started to live my dream life with many amazing things happening.


From being stuck in his head, having blocks, and forcing himself to do things

To being in his body, taking risks with ease. People treat him very differently, responding to his amazing new energy.


From being in avoidance, having blocks, many parts of life not being harmonious.

To being happy, being content, having peace of mind.


From being in his head, having difficulties, experiencing financial blocks

To having best month sales in 3 years in just 9 days. Moved to Cancun,


From having blocks, being stuck, repressing emotions

To handling emotions much better, experiencing peace. Kids have healed with her.


From having constant difficulties, being stuck in her head and past

To experiencing ease, flow, started a new business.