Make Major Shifts Towards Peace and Ease and Gain Simple Alignment Tools to Create Loving Relationships, True Abundance and Freedom.​


The majority of traditional teachings and modalities will never provide lasting results because they aren’t deep enough and are focused on problem solving, which will only manifest more problems… 

There is a better way...

Miracle Maker Process

Using Quantum Healing and Movement Feedback

Spiritual Alignment

Tap into your innate superpowers and infinite intelligence within (no more struggling and striving).

Body Alignment

Remove repressed emotions, unhealthy energy ties and any and all patterns that are holding you back.

Mind Alignment

Learn to remain open and receptive during emotional turmoil in order to manifest your dream life.

Are you ready to become a Miracle Maker and experience an abundantly happy life with ease?



Everything you need to handle emotions with increasing ease and become open and receptive to love and abundance.

Miracle Maker
Digital Course

Access over 20 modules for spirit, body and mind alignment and Quantum Leaps to a life with ease.

Movement Feedback
Group Classes

Access 8 Movement classes to receive feedback on your stuck energetic patterns and connect to the Quantum Field.


1:1 Support and Remote Healing Sessions

Access to Voxer, 4 private sessions and remote healing designed to set yourself free from stuck emotions for good.



Spiritual Alignment


Body Alignment


Mind Alignment


Before: Angry, difficulties, resistance to being alone.

After: Super happy with a loving life partner.

Before: Feeling stuck and having pain & constant breakdowns in her life.

After: Started to live my dream life with many amazing things happening.

Before: Stuck in his head, blocks, and forcing himself to do things.

After: Being in his body. Take risks with ease. People treat him very differently, responding to his amazing new energy.

Before: Avoidance, blocks, not harmonious

After: Happy, content, peace of mind.

Before: In his head, difficulties, financial blocks

After: Moved to Cancun, in just 9 days had best month sales in 3 years.

Before: Blocks, being stuck, repressed emotions.

After: Handling emotions much better. Peace. Kids have healed with her.







And just so we're clear...
(Because I don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Joining The Miracle Maker Is Easy

Simply choose your preferred option below. Our 8-weeks together will include: 

Special Bonuses

When you join Miracle Maker!


Superpower Your Abundance

The map to ease and abundance through Quantum Manifestation ($1,200 Value)


Money is Love

Insights and master resets to help you gain more from Movement Feedback classes. ($1,200 Value)


I am Dr. Joan Yue. Most people know me as the Chemist turned Miracle Healer. I help emotionally blocked individuals to make fast and permanent shifts in peace and ease, create loving relationships, and experience their dream lives with abundance and freedom.


Used to be a high-powered executive at a multinational corporation and only valued numbers, formulas, and charts. I had no interest in anything spiritual.


Yet my childhood trauma haunted me, and the stress of my career and motherhood overwhelmed me emotionally. It caused me not to be present with my family. I was often distracted and disconnected when my kids talked to me and said “OK. OK” even though I didn’t really hear what they said.


I did my best to repress and ignore emotions, but things got so bad that one day I checked into the ER thinking that I had a heart attack. Thankfully, it was just a panic attack but  this incident got me to seek an immediate change in my life. A complete change.


I started reading all kinds of self-improvement books. Still, I felt stuck and didn’t know why. I left my corporate executive job to spend years searching for the secrets of life and the best-of-the-best transformational tools.


Yet I didn’t experience permanent shifts until I miraculously stumbled on my late mentor Dr. Karl Wolfe, who taught me Movement Feedback. Movement Feedback helped me get grounded in my body to eliminate anxiety, break free from self-sabotaging patterns and tap into my superpowers within to make my life easy.


I didn’t want a spiritual awakening – I just wanted to live an easier life. The lesson I learned was that by deeply connecting to my body, I could connect to Spirit (Infinite love) to experience miracles daily. The miracles could be things simply working out, interactions becoming easy, or income arriving out of blue.


Mind/Body/Spirit alignment was a game changer for me! I went from being highly anxious, emotionally overwhelmed, constantly overthinking, and filled with PTSD symptoms to being happy for no reason and living in abundance, freedom, and ease. I have changed hundreds of clients’ lives too.


I became one of the elite few in the world who can deeply and quickly connect clients into the Quantum Field and developed a one-of-a-kind modality to release extremely deeply repressed emotions for myself and many others. Many clients reported Miracle Healing of releasing years of stuck emotions or long-term stress-related symptoms that were holding them back, within just one session.


This is why I do what I do. Because too many people have emotional blocks causing them to be stressed and unhappy, experience relationship difficulties, and feel stuck toward their dreams.


I help them release repressed emotions, break free from self-sabotaging patterns and tap into superpowers within so that they can make fast and permanent shifts in peace and ease, create loving relationships, and rewire themselves for total happiness.


So they can reach their full potential and create their dream life experiences with abundance and freedom.

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

No. It’s not talk therapy. I can feel and release your feelings and emotional imprinting from past traumas without you telling me. A one-hour 1:1 session is equivalent to many years of talk therapy.

Yes. This work is way deeper to release your repressed emotions and blocks. Miracle Maker Program teaches you to rewire your brain and nervous system to make permanent changes for total happiness.

No. I have worked with clients all over the world via Zoom, making equally profound shifts through the power of the Quantum Field.

Yes. It is all about releasing trauma off the body and connecting into your body. You can see your true power as your higher self or the Universe.

No, it works with clients of all faith. It is about connecting deeper into your body. It gives you a deeper access to your divine nature however you relate to it.

No. My energy healing is one-of-a-kind and deeper than 99% of other energy healing modalities. It is also done-for-you so you don’t need to rehash your past traumas.

Yes. I release the intense emotions causing you to be anxious or emotional. You also learn simple tools to use for life to rewire yourself for emotional ease and total happiness.

Yes. I help you release blocked energy regarding money, from your conditioning and your lineage too. You also learn manifestation secrets and have tools to practice receiving.

2-3 hours a week for course work and 1/2 hour of intentionally practicing using the tools each day.

Any time. You get to schedule 1:1s and group classes on your schedule and watch the digital courses when you have time.

You get to dance or move to music on Zoom. Then I will give you feedback on the patterns that hold you back and show you how to release them.

It is an easy and done-for-you process. I feel your repressed emotions through the Quantum Field so physical distance is not an issue. I often rub my chest physically to process and release your deep emotions.

I deliver feedback from love to help you move out of stuck patterns. The group classes are held in a loving and supportive environment with like-minded people.

I deliver feedback from love to help you move out of stuck patterns. The group classes are held in a loving and supportive environment with like-minded people.

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