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Dare to be Limitless, Embody Freedom & Abundance

Money is Love Bonus Session

With Joan Yue

What is next with Joan …
Dare to be Limitless 5-Day Challenge 7/26-7/30

Private Zoom sessions only, around 45 minute each, to help you gain more clarity, release limitations, and take action towards your wildest dreams..

4 Dare to be Limitless Challenge Sessions and 1 Money is Love Integration Session to help you embody freedom and abundance! You can ask clarifying questions and get feedback.

Besides spending hours deep in the Quantum Field connecting to your true essence with Joan, you will also learn the fundamentals to:

  • Access the Infinite Possibilities in the Quantum Field quickly and easily (without hours of meditation).
  • Free yourself from old patterns and addictive behaviors (without needing hard discipline).
  • Raise your body’s natural vibrations (without needing to capture and control your thoughts and feelings).
  • Handle difficult “heat of the moment” emotions with ease (in order to take positive actions and make massive shifts).
  • See life through your True Essence (in order to bounce back quickly from setbacks).

Dare to be Limitless Challenge Details
7/26 Day 1 Step into Infinite Possibilities
7/27 Day 2 Turbocharge Your Transformations
7/28 Day 3 Enjoy Emotional Ease
7/29 Day 4 Turbocharge Your Transformations
7/30 Bonus Session: Money is Love Integration

Those who signed up will receive a workbook before the challenge.

7/26-7/30 1:30 pm PST. You will receive the recordings if you can’t attend the live sessions.

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Dr. Joan Yue

Joy Instigator and Energy Healer

Joan Yue is a Ph.D Chemist turned into an Alchemist and Energy Healer.

Joan is passionate about spreading the magic of Movement Feedback, which had changed her life completely to be free from high anxiety and severe PTSD symptoms since infancy and enable her to live her wildest dreams.

She is elite few in the world, being able to connect people deeply into the Quantum Field quickly in a matter of minutes. Joan has amazing abilities to see and release energy blocks, help clients release repressed emotions. and perform somatic reprogramming. Some clients reported magical healing of a wide range of long term stressed-related issues after just 1 One on One session. Those who try her free Movement Feedback class for the 1st time, often report experiencing deep silence and a sense of finally moving forward from being stuck.