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Money is Love ™

Money is Love ™

Tired of poor results, this program guides you toward a productive and prosperous 2021.

Money is Love ™ classes help you penetrate money myths and embody vision, with the center theme to fully connect to unconditional love and abundance. They also help you peel layers of myths and embody “Move, Feel, Be Silent, Stop, and Choose” in everyday life to actualize your vision and receive abundance.

Money is Love ™ classes were phased out at the end of February and will be converted to a digital course eventually. You will receive key teachings when you sign up for a Movement Feedback Monthly Pass. They will include bodily downloads and master resets to help you get the most out of Movement Feedback classes.

Money is Love Quantum Healing mp3 series contains eight 10+ minutes audio tracks encoded quantum energy healing and positive affirmations for success and abundance. Listening to these audios will help you release layers of limiting stories and emotions about success and money, at the same time helping you embody success and abundance in the Quantum Field.

Here is a brief sample of Quantum Healing mp3 for letting go.

Letting Go

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