Meet Dr. Joan Yue

Hi, I am Joan Yue, the founder of Movement Feedback International. I have embodied the teaching of the late Karl Wolfe, who pioneered Quantum Cybernetics Movement Feedback™ and impacted so many lives with his teaching in Spiritual Awakening.

Karl was a mystic from the ancient mystery school, one of the rare few who transmitted timeless wisdom to students in silence and in the Quantum Field to make shifts happen. Karl was the driving force behind many Hollywood clients and business people including billionaires reaching tremendous success, Karl had a track record of helping many students add one or two zero’s to their income.

Movement feedback was a life changer for me. When I first took Karl’s classes, I was so rigid and anxious. When I walked, it looked as though I had bound feet in my movement. It was interesting that Karl gave me feedback about bound feet after my first group movement, a myth I got from my grandmother who was born during the Qing dynasty. I was a hardcore Ph.D Chemist who read two books a month in all areas of self growth searching for truths and transformations before meeting Karl.

My searching stopped with Movement Feedback. It helped me experience the wisdom of books in my body, and I finally shifted the lifelong patterns of fear and anxiety to experience deep silence. After several years of practice, my movement has become flexible and fluid. My life has shifted to be filled with happiness and abundance.

Teaching Movement Feedback has also given me so many enlightening moments in this spiritual awakening journey. Being a teacher inspires me to stop myths and to rewire neuropathways for bliss. I am at level 4 in the five levels of enlightenment, which I use to evaluate students’ progression.

1. Joy

2. Beauty

3. Love

4. Acceptance

5. Flow

Karl expanded his impact in the world through students by showing up in their lives in high vibrational states as well as teaching. It touched me so much when a fellow teaching assistant for Karl commented that when she saw me for the first time, she knew Karl came out of retirement for me so I could pass on his work. The special connection between Karl and me was commitment. I felt Karl’s intense desire to train students to pass on his work, which I respected as one of the best out there. I committed myself to his mission from the start.

Karl often praised me for following his instructions to move two hours a day to embody his teaching. When Karl passed away suddenly in a car accident, I was so sad because I felt no one really got it at his level. Karl was unique to teach through feeling and energy.

My persistence in the following year to teach 200 classes to fellow classmates made a huge difference. Even though no one else showed up 80% of the time, I taught myself into getting Karl’s work. In June that year, all of sudden I started to behold beauty, everything I saw became so beautiful instead of my old way of focusing on imperfections. Beholding beauty accelerated students’ shifts in class. It was like holding a space of beauty for students to easily step into. By the end of that year, many of the feeling state reference points Karl gave us in classes and during One on One sessions came to me and I could easily recreate them for students. This helped shift people even faster. At that point, I knew it was time to spread the magic to the world by starting Movement Feedback International. By now, I have added so many of my own methods for students to implement and move forward even faster.

Our vision is to touch as many lives as possible with Karl’s legacy for mankind, and to enable students to fully embody “Move, Feel, Be Silent, Stop, and Choose” teaching and to become teachers with two tiers of certification, Movement Feedback Certification™ and Quantum Movement Feedback Certification. Movement Feedback is powerful in producing amazing transformations. As the teachers become skilled at Quantum Field Connect, Quantum Movement Feedback shifts students even more powerfully and efficiently.

With my own unique strengths, innovative nature, and integration of other advanced methodologies, my mission is to explore the full potential and expand the reach of Karl’sone of the besttransformational frameworks for personal growth. Fellow students have commented, “Joan has taken Movement Feedback to a much higher level and made classes fun, by mastering the art of feedback and providing specific instructions to move through limitations for dramatic shifts quickly.”

The feedback process is like holding a mirror with love and compassion for you to see your life filters and unconscious behaviors. A lot of class teaching occurs in silence through the entrainment of high vibrational states I radiate. It helps you connect to the inner knowing that shifting lifelong patterns of suffering are within reach, and to start profound shifts toward new possibilities during class. One student was able to see that her repressing grief for so many years led to the manifestation of tragic losses in her life. With that realization, she sobbed and felt the deep grief. Then the energy of hope filled up her face that the lifelong suffering could shift quickly. The next day she started a social group called “Change Your Life” to inspire and support people in the community. It is so rewarding to sow the seeds of hope and empowerment in class that impact students’ lives then ripple through their communities.

My essence is wisdom, joy, nurturing, magic, and generosity. The four gifts I bring to help people transform quickly are

  • Quantum Field Connect™ to help you connect to the Quantum Field where you feel innate joy and safety in your body as well as the ease to manifest your desires quickly.
  • Quantum-Alignment™ to utilize my ability to read your energy patterns, feel your emotional states, and compassionately give timely feedback to align you fully in the Quantum Field and manifest your life dreams.
  • Quantum Emotion Clearing to remove subconscious emotional programming and triggers so you can heal and succeed.
  • Quantum Karma Release to remove unhealthy energetic ties with others and past life karmas.
  • Quantum Reprogramming™ works to infuse you with empowered emotional states to manifest what you want.

My unique way of teaching moves you forward by focusing on what you do right as well as the body connections and energy shifts you need to make to fully connect to the Quantum Field. Research has shown this kind of positive feedback is way more effective than negative feedback is for most age groups.

Research Supports my Feedback Effectiveness

In class, we also have fun moving to various kinds of music and exploring all kinds of movement and breath. It is very common that students look younger and feel younger after extended practice of Movement Feedback. Students in general report calmer, happier, better relationships, and a higher quality of life overall.

Movement feedback has proved to be one of the fastest ways to get unstuck in the financial area. If business success is important to you I am able to assist you to free up energy in this area and also provide practical business strategies and tactics to support your financial freedom.  

My corporate executive experiences as well as Ph.D and MBA degrees enable me to assist you in business success. Balance business and life in the flow!


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