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Hi, I am Joan Yue, founder of Infinite Love Movement Feedback. The circle in the logo represents wholeness and abundance. My passion is to share the magic of Movement Feedback with the world and to connect people to infinite love. It fills me with joy to see students transform during class and in their lives afterwards. Read more.

Movement Feedback aligns the Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limitations that hold you back in life, so you actualize new possibilities!

New people often experience profound shifts during the first class, experiencing joy, silence, or/and inner knowing, after connecting to the true self in the Quantum Field.

What differentiates Movement Feedback from many other spiritual, energy, or self-improvement work is that you can actually immerse yourself in intense love and joy and experience deep silence physically in your body.

Movement reveals your energetic patterns, while feedback boosts your alignment to the Quantum Field. It is a really fast way to drop limitations and connect to your true essence. Major shifts in lifelong patterns are often manifested in one or more areas below.

Potential benefits:

  • Mental: less chatter and repetitive thoughts, clear thinking
  • Physical: health, vitality, youthfulness, flexibility, and mobility
  • Emotional: love, joy, calmer, happier, better relationships
  • Spiritual: deep silence, awakening, enlightenment
  • Financial: actualization with ease, abundance

People who seek spiritual awakening have found that Movement Feedback is one of quickest ways to build awareness and become enlightened. The classes are designed to focus on “Wake up, Clean up, Grow up, and Show up”, the four dimensions of Spiritual Awakening.


People go to the gym to exercise muscles, in Movement Feedback you exercise happiness muscles to stop suffering. In the online classes, we have fun exploring all varieties of movement and breath to shift energy patterns and to increase flexibility, mobility, and vitality. You also get to release lots of stressful and painful emotions. Additionally, you are led to feel happy emotions in your body, and supported to connect to your true essence and to infinite love. It is amazing to move in the Quantum Field, where true healing occurs.

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What is Movement Feedback?

During a Movement Feedback online class, you have opportunities to dance or move freely. It doesn’t matter what exactly your movement is – it’s more about dropping the thoughts and allowing the body to integrate the energy. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live your life andContinue reading “What is Movement Feedback?”

The Magic of the Quantum Field

Dr. Joan Yue was interviewed by Georgette Damian on the topic of “The Magic of the Quantum Field”. Joan discussed her journey in spiritual awakening, going from anxiety and short-lived happiness deriving from accomplishments to inner peace and freedom. Discussion also covered Divinity as the Quantum Field, Quantum Physics, manifestation, and practice tips to getContinue reading “The Magic of the Quantum Field”

Tapping into Your Superpowers (Part 1)

Many people make New Year resolutions and plan goals for 2021. This is two-part article that teaches you how to access the supernatural powers in the Quantum Field.

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