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One on One with Joan

One on One with Joan

Want to move forward quickly? One on One provides privacy, focus, and acceleration.

In this online session, we can work on resolving issues you are stuck or struggling with using Quantum Emotion Clearing, a powerful tool to release repressed emotions and remove subconscious emotional triggers, so you can heal and move forward. Quantum Karma Release™ will be utilized to remove unhealthy energetic ties with others and past-life karmas. One great benefit of One on Ones is dramatically raising your happiness set point by integrating shadow aspects and intense negative emotions.

We can also review how your goals are set energetically. You will receive great reference points for deep silence and empowered emotional states to attract what you want. Quantum-Alignment™ utilizes my ability to read your energy patterns, feel your emotional states, and clear blocks to align you fully in the Quantum Field so you can manifest your life dreams. Quantum Reprogramming™ works to infuse you with empowered emotional states to manifest what you want.

Here is a short example of working with a client to clear her blocks toward getting what she wants in her mind movie. You can just state your goals in words, and I can still see a mental image of how each goal shows up in the Quantum Field.

Since I can feel your emotions directly, there is no need for you to discuss the past events if you don’t feel like it. This unique process works well for small kids also.

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You can book two 90-minute sessions or three 60-minute sessions with this package.

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