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Clarity is Elusive?

If you feel like being stuck in an area and have been still working on it for a long time,, chances are you are trying to solve the wrong problem. What you need is not working harder at it. Instead, you need to solve the right problem to make a Quantum Leap forward.​ Here isContinue reading “Clarity is Elusive?”

Somatic Reprogramming

Does it feel like you have tried everything? Countless self-help books and podcasts, different therapies and therapists, maybe even energy healing might have helped a little or for a short time but you still haven’t gotten the results you desire. Look no further…The missing piece is Somatic Reprogramming TM. Somatic Reprogramming TM through Movement Feedback and the QuantumContinue reading “Somatic Reprogramming”

Taking a Quantum Leap!

Imagine that you take a Quantum Leap in the heat of the moment, for any difficult area of your life…. What will the results be? Quantum Leap.

What if you could gain insights to see Life from your True Essence to help those unbearable emotions become manageable? Right choices become easy and second nature. You will definitely see the magic of a “Quantum Leap”!

Manifest Your Dreams

We often consciously want a goal, but don’t really want it subconsciously. Facing new possibilities will help you dissolve subconscious blocks. It is also important to stay in the great feelings of having already achieved your goal.

Rewire Neuropathways for Bliss

Michelle Warnica has experienced major shifts after joining my movement feedback classes for just one month, even though she had tried many many different modalities before. In this interview, we discussed what made Movement Feedback so special and how it helped rewire us to bliss.

Tapping into Your Superpowers (Part 1)

Many people make New Year resolutions and plan goals for 2021. This is two-part article that teaches you how to access the supernatural powers in the Quantum Field.

The Magic of the Quantum Field

Dr. Joan Yue was interviewed by Georgette Damian on the topic of “The Magic of the Quantum Field”. Joan discussed her journey in spiritual awakening, going from anxiety and short-lived happiness deriving from accomplishments to inner peace and freedom. Discussion also covered Divinity as the Quantum Field, Quantum Physics, manifestation, and practice tips to getContinue reading “The Magic of the Quantum Field”

A glimmer in the Trees

By Keith Irwin Driving along the 405 you can see the tops of the pine trees lining my street.  They must be 60 feet high or so.  It’s unusual to find trees this tall in LA.  Though she is full of many streets with wonderful and beautiful varieties, most are only a few stories tallContinue reading “A glimmer in the Trees”

Website Search Terms

These are the website search terms for SEO work. Please ignore. Movement FeedbackQuantum Movement FeedbackDance therapyMovement therapyDance Movement TherapyTherapeutic dance movementMovement Feedback CertificationQuantum Movement Feedback CertificationLove Hz MovementLove Hz Movement Feedback Dr. Karl WolfeKarl WolfeKarl R. WolfeDr. Karl R. WolfeKarlwolfe.orgKarl Wolfe CommunityKarl Wolfe Movement FeedbackQuantum Cybernetics Movement Feedback Somatic meditationSomatic therapySomatic movementSomatic movement therapySomatic healingSomaticContinue reading “Website Search Terms”

Lush Living

By Keith Irwin Working with Joan I now have the space in my body to feel and experience the world like never before.  My body held so much trauma and so many repressed emotions deep within and throughout that I was unable to perceive the world this way.  I had an experience of the worldContinue reading “Lush Living”


By Heather Mulhern Have you heard of it? It is for all ages. Kids are doing it in the streets-and have been for years! You have seen it in movies since time immemorial-or 1903. Before you “YouTube” it, take a look at these simple starter tips. Then go make your own video and post it.Continue reading “Curbing”

Allowing Spirit

By Heather Mulhern Hello All and Welcome May! What has struck me lately in Joan’s classes are the new participants coming in. They speak about Spirit and allowing Spirit to heal and adjust what is to be adjusted with ease and a normality as though everyone knows this.  While I knew that Spirit was underneath theContinue reading “Allowing Spirit”

On Acceptance

Recently life has given me a crash course on acceptance. My son told us he was going to make a major life decision that felt like a failure to us. After integrating the pain and shock, I communicated my acceptance and support to whatever decision he would make. Accepting whatever gifts life gives you, evenContinue reading “On Acceptance”

New Normal

By Heather Mulhern As I navigate the Quantum Reset that has been gifted to us via a Quarantine, I am  feeling all the things that my former busy-ness has kept me from feeling. As I watch myself not want to feel, I turn to redesigning my new normal, so that perhaps, I make more spaceContinue reading “New Normal”