Quantum Leap Your Life

3 Month Program for major transformations in your life. Quantum Field Connection for innate joy, ease, freedom and alignment. Let go of old patterns that hold you back. Emotional Ease. Tap into inner guidance. Skyrocket your intuition.

With the combination of One on Ones, Movement Feedback, and Quantum Leap classes, you will learn how to

  • Access the infinite possibilities in the Quantum Field quickly and easily without hours of meditation.
  • See life through your true essence to bounce back quickly from setbacks.
  • Free yourself from old patterns and addictive behaviors without needing hard discipline.
  • Raise your vibrations without needing to control thoughts and feelings.
  • Handle difficult “in the heat of the moment” emotions with ease in order to take massive positive actions.

1 digital course (6 modules plus 4 supplemental recordings).
4 Movement Feedback classes per month for 3 months.
2 Quantum Leap classes per month for 3 months.
Bonus One 90-minute One on One

The digital course will share insights on who you are, how your brain works, how to experience life through true essence, how to gain emotional ease, and how to be free from bad habits.

In One on Ones you will receive Quantum Energy Healing to release repressed emotions and old karma as well as Reprogramming for empowering emotional patterns of ease and freedom.

Quantum Leap classes are in a Q/A format to share insights to help transform issues that you are stuck with.

Movement Feedback helps you silence your mind, stay in the body, connect to your power within, and find your inner guidance.

Comparing Three Services from Joan

Movement reveals your hidden energetic patterns, while the feedback boosts your alignment to the Quantum Field. 

Dare to be limitless, fulfill your greatest potential. What are the costs of staying stuck? wasting years in fears, feeling powerless, lacking freedom.

Many people who come to Movement Feedback have tried many many self-help practices, transformational programs, and healing modalities without success. I can relate to the internal struggles shown in their movements, from trying to fix and manage life.

Instead of just chipping the “tip of the iceberg” involving past issues and traumas, Movement Feedback can connect you deeply to your true essence. Quantum Leap classes share insights so that unbearable emotions holding you back become manageable. The resulting safety and trust you feel raise the temperature to melt the layers of ice forever. One-on-One sessions with Joan utilize unique Quantum Healing Techniques to facilitate cracks in the iceberg to release large chunks of somatic “stuckness” that you could not access for all these years to float away. You will implement a proven formula with insights and tools to transmute your intense negative reactions and old patterns that run havoc in your life right now, to inner peace and inspired actions. Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap to experience major breakthroughs now?

Bonuses for signup before 6/12 1pm PST are

Money is Love 3-module digital package.

Money is Love Quantum Healing Audios (8 tracks)

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