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Dare to be Limitless, Embody Freedom & Abundance

Recharge Your Life

3 Month Program for major transformations in your life.

We work with people who are caught up with overthinking, feeling disconnected from their bodies, exhausted from the struggles of life, couldn’t break old unproductive patterns, or tired of feeling directionless.

Working with us, through our Recharge Your Life program, we teach you to reconnect to your body. With Quantum Healing as the foundation to transform your life by unblocking hidden emotional barriers, releasing resistances, connecting to your inner guidance, and flow through life with ease. Find innate joy, peace, freedom, and alignment.

Joan is one of the elite few in the world that can connect people deeply and quickly into the Quantum Field. Whether you are new to the Quantum Field connection or a knowledgeable veteran, everyone needs help removing their limitations and blocks as well as embodying freedom and abundance.

How does it work?

With the combination of One on Ones with Joan, Movement Feedback Sessions, and the  Quantum Leap digital course to take at your own pace, you will learn how to:

  • See life through your true essence to bounce back quickly from setbacks.
  • Free yourself from old patterns and addictive behaviors without needing hard discipline.
  • Raise your vibrations without needing to control thoughts and feelings.
  • Handle difficult “in the heat of the moment” emotions with ease in order to take massive positive actions.

“Working with Joan I now have the space in my body to feel and experience the world like never before. “ Keith

Are you?

  • Buying tons of self-help books but they don’t seem to work?
  • Tired of signing up for transformational programs with no transformation?
  • Banging your head against the wall with overthinking and feeling stuck?
  • Yearning to heal and find joy but unsure how to begin?
  • Struggling with handling life’s obstacles?

The Recharge Your Life Program will help you to tap into your superpowers.

Instead of just chipping the “tip of the iceberg” involving past issues and traumas, this program can connect you deeply to your true essence.

One-on-One sessions utilize unique Quantum Healing Techniques to create cracks and release large chunks of somatic “stuckness” that you haven’t been able to access. 

Movement Feedback sessions help you to push away from these newly exposed chunks of ice and years of difficulties by deeply connecting you to your true essence.

Quantum Leap videos share insights so that unbearable emotions holding you back become manageable. The resulting safety and trust you feel raise the temperature to melt the remaining layers of ice forever.

You will be given a proven formula with insights and tools to transmute your intense negative reactions and old patterns that run havoc in your life into inner peace and inspired actions

How does the Recharge Your Life Program work?

The program runs for 3-months and includes:

  • Four One-on-One Sessions with Joan. 

You will receive four 60-minute Quantum Energy Healing sessions with Joan, a Ph.D chemist turned alchemist!  She can help you quickly connect deeply to the Quantum Field to release old karma and repressed emotions. She will also show you how to reprogram your energy into empowering emotional patterns of ease and freedom.

  • 15 Live Movement Feedback Sessions. 

These online Zoom classes will help you go from feeling ungrounded and directionless to leaving with a quiet mind and feeling connected to your body. This happens through dance and movement to release and unblock hidden and stagnant energies that hold you back. It is in a loving and supportive environment. Joan will provide feedback on your movement to shift you into new possibilities.

  • Quantum Leap Video Course. 

These 16 videos help you to break free of your old habits and shift your pattern. Learn to reprogram your negative thinking and understand a deeper sense of self. These videos will be yours forever.

“It has really changed my life. It’s been amazing!” Tiffany

Is this Program right for you?

Do you feel stuck in life? Are you often emotionally triggered and unable to deal with it? Do you feel disconnected from your life’s dream?

You are in the right place, and this is the right program for you to learn to get unstuck, handle your emotions with ease, and reconnect to your life’s dream and true essence.

The first 80% of your emotional blocks can be released with conventional methods.

Now is the time for the last 20% that can be very ‘sticky’ and this program can get you there.

Impact of Joan’s three different services

How much will the 3- Month Recharge Your Life Program cost?

Pay 2 payments of just $897.5.


Pay in full at $1795 and receive a BONUS: Money is Love Video Series. Bring abundance into your life with ease.

Limited time only before 9/14/2021, you get 4 Quarterly Quantum Leap Q/A until end of 2022.

Package price increases by $200 by 9/21/2021, then another $400 by end of October. Another $400 by end of year.

Money-back guarantee – within the first month 100% refund if this isn’t a right fit for you, just send us an email and we will reimburse your investment. 

Need a package with more one-on-one time?

BOOK A CALL with Joan. You will gain insights to move forward on your urge issue. We can also find the right fit for you!