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With Arturo Gaitan

From Arturo…
Discover The Super Simple Ways You Can Get On The Best Path To Fulfill Your Destiny And Have Purpose

This is a free meditation and a video from a little talk that I did on destiny and purpose. It is my gift for you as a thank you for supporting Michelle and Joan in this amazing summit with wonderful teachers. Hope you enjoy!

Arturo Gaitan

Metaphysical Healer

Arturo Gaitan is a world-renowned Metaphysical Healer, Spiritual Physicist, Light Warrior, Business Energetic Expert and Coach.

After a spiritual awakening at the age of 7, and being visited by many multi-dimensional beings, Arturo realized he was different than most humans. The channel of communication from the Designers of The Universe was wide open for him to learn and receive downloads.

He has taken his 30 years of training to create many immersive, rigorous trainings for the people interested in ushering in the new vibration of human consciousness.

Arturo’s life mission is to empower people to see their own unique essence, to live with the ecstatic joy of divine purpose, and to learn the true codes of the universal order.