Movement Feedback

Dare to be Limitless, Embody Freedom & Abundance

Dare to be Limitless Challenge 1/10/2022

Day 1: Step into Infinite Possibilities

Day 2: Access the Quantum Field

Day 3: Enjoy Emotional Ease

Day 4: Manifest Magic

Day 5: Money is Love

Joan Yue

Ph.D Chemist turned into an Alchemist. She helps those who are interested in spiritual growth to release energetic blocks and embody ease & abundance to manifest their wildest dreams.

Joan is passionate about transforming people’s lives to ease and abundance. She has found proven methods to change to be free from high anxiety and severe PTSD symptoms since infancy and enable her to live her wildest dreams.

She is elite few in the world, being able to connect people deeply into the Quantum Field quickly in a matter of minutes. Joan has amazing abilities to see and release energy blocks, help clients release repressed emotions and perform abundance reprogramming. Some clients reported miracle healing of a wide range of long term stressed-related issues after just 1 One on One session. Those who try her free Movement Feedback class for the 1st time, often report experiencing deep silence and a sense of finally moving forward from being stuck.