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Before: Miserable, tired, lack of willpower to do things, unhappy. 4 weeks.

After: Joyful, happy, willpower to do things.

Before: Anxiety at 10, perfectionist, and difficulties.

After: Anxiety at 1, ease, and flow. 2 months

Before: Anxious, stressed, struggled.

After: Relaxed, free to be herself, manifest miracles. 2 weeks.

Before: Angry, difficulties, resistance to being alone.

After: Super happy with a loving life partner.

Before: Feeling stuck and having pain & constant breakdowns in her life.

After: Started to live my dream life with many amazing things happening.

Before: Stuck in his head, blocks, and forcing himself to do things.

After: Being in his body. Take risks with ease. People treat him very differently, responding to his amazing new energy.

Before: Avoidance, blocks, not harmonious

After: Happy, content, peace of mind.

Before: In his head, difficulties, financial blocks

After: Moved to Cancun, in just 9 days had best month sales in 3 years.

Before: Blocks, being stuck, repressed emotions.

After: Handling emotions much better. Peace. Kids have healed with her.

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