Slackline Weekend

Slackline Weekend

San Diego

A Slackline Weekend does wonders to actualizing your life with ease!

Slackline Diagnostic is an advanced movement diagnostic tool, leading to huge shifts and breakthroughs quickly. It is especially beneficial for busy people to get a big consciousness boost and lots of powerful shifts over a Slackline weekend.

Karl’s past students often reminisce the good old times making dramatic shifts on the Slackline and manifesting afterwards in the material world. Some had even done more than a dozen of Slackline classes to become way more grounded.

When you are on a Slackline, the ego loses tight control over you hence the deepest myths are revealed. The science behind Slackline Diagnostic is that the body’s struggling to find balance on a slackline somehow overwhelms the brain so much that it loses control to hold down many unfelt emotions. It allows the healing of deep emotional wounds to occur with the class support.

We use Movement Video Feedback also. The frame by frame video replay analysis takes the movement feedback to a whole new level. The class will be held in San Diego, California, USA.

Moving on the Slackline also helps you go more inside your body, and drop into the Core of your essence. Two people will hold your hands on each side to keep you safe and sound. At the same time, your interpersonal myths show up for integration, leading to the additional benefits of improved interpersonal effectiveness and better relationships.

In addition, our Slackline Weekend will have added elements for the bodily connections and emotional integration. It will be a fun weekend with a like-minded support group, deep in the Quantum Field.

September 12th and 13th, 8:30-16:30 Pacific Standard Time / 11:30-19:30 EST USA

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