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Dare to be Limitless, Embody Freedom & Abundance

Superpower Your Abundance

Are You Ready to Reach Your Financial Goals w/Ease even if you’ve tried your whole adult life??

You have watched the movie “The Secret” many times, read many law of attraction books, and even practiced manifestation techniques, but success and abundance are still not pouring into you.

Does this sound familiar?

You still repeat the old patterns that get you nowhere closer to your dreams. You are frustrated not knowing what’s blocking you from abundance.

Feeling abundant can be tricky, especially when that isn’t your current experience. You’ve worked so hard to create what you envision for your life but…somehow the results you seek stay just outside of your grasp. 

Many people work really hard but are still not getting the financial results they want. There are so many reasons for this. We will cover them in the program.

Abundance and ease are your birthright! It’s time you experience them now.

Abundance is not ever about money. The truth is that no amount of money can cure your feeling of lack or inadequacy.

Many people are caught up with overthinking, not trusting their intuition, and living in resistance to the flow of life. This is what creates the struggle with abundance.

This is exactly why I created Superpower Your Abundance. I have seen too many people who are interested in spiritual growth struggle when working to create abundance in their lives. It’s time that ended!

I have been fascinated with, and have worked in the Quantum Field for many years now. This has helped me experience miracles and synchronicity every day. 

I can connect people deeply and quickly into the Quantum Field which has transformed my life, and the lives of countless others. In Superpower Your Abundance, I’m going to show you how to master your abundance and transform your life in an entirely different way.

Whether you are new to Quantum Manifestation or a knowledgeable veteran, it’s time to remove your limitations and blocks and to embody ease and abundance.

Here’s How Superpower Your Abundance 3-Month Program Will Transform Your Life. You will:

1.      Understand how to connect to the Quantum Field to turbocharge your manifestation

2.      Step into deep peace so that you are less affected by things that used to upset you, which take you OUT of your abundance.

3.     See improvements in your abundance and income

4.      Embody a more powerful (limitless) version of yourself. No longer feel like a victim to life

5.      Break old patterns of handling money that keep you in frustration and lack.

6.      Move out of resistance w/money and abundance and create ease and flow.

7.   Make fast and lasting changes. Reprogram yourself for abundance and actions.

8.  Experience synchronicity and miracles every day.

9. Tap into your inner guidance to effortlessly make your wildest dreams a reality.

This is the last transformational program you ever need!

Many people who come to me have tried many self-improvement techniques and many healing modalities. This program contains the final missing pieces for you to move forward, reprogram yourself for ease and abundance,  and live an abundant life.

You will experience magical, fast, and lasting shifts immediately and take away embodiment tools to use for life after 3 months to stay with ease and abundance. After that, you also have various opportunities to grow with our supportive community in class or Facebook group.

The program saves you all the time, money, frustrations searching and trying more tools and modalities to get the life you desire. It is the best investment you can give yourself to change from inside out to manifest your wildest dreams. When your inside world shifts, your relationships become way better too.

Game Changers in Superpower Your Abundance?

  • Release stuck energy and unconscious patterns to open up new

  • Plug into the power source for direct access to ease and abundance.

  • Move through resistance to make different choices from moment to moment and take massive actions to reach your goals.

  • Reference points for Quantum leap. You need new tools and new approaches to make massive changes.

  • Abundance reprogramming to embody ease and abundance.

What are four key skills to master to Superpower Your Abundance?

You will master 4 key skills to live your dream life with ease and abundance, empowered by your true essence filled with infinite possibilities and potentials.

  1. Connect to your true essence. 
  2. See life through your true essence 
  3. Guided by your true essence 
  4. Aligned with your true essence from moment to moment 

How Superpower Your Abundance Works?

Step 1:  Quantum Field Connection. Learn to connect to the Quantum Field to turbocharge your abundance, and manifest with ease.  

Step 2:  Quantum Healing. You and I will work 1:1 to help you heal old lack energy and release repressed emotions that are keeping you stuck.

Step 3:  Quantum Leaps. Become the vibrational match to the abundance you want.

Step 4:  Movement Feedback: How you do anything is how you do everything. Your movement reflects how you live life. By changing your postures and movement, you can release unconscious old patterns holding you back

Step 5:  Abundance Reprogramming: You will learn how to reprogram yourself to be the powerful manifestor that you truly are.

What’s Included in Superpower Your Abundance?

(4) 1:1 sessions customized to heal your particular abundance issues

(15) Movement Feedback sessions to ensure that you embody your abundance, release the old lack energy and emotions and connect to the Quantum Field.

Quantum Leap Digital course: Learn about the Quantum Field and how to use it to shift your abundance with simplicity.


Antonia has spent many years searching and trying many, many modalities and still feeling horrible. Below is her comment after in the program for 20 days.

“I believe this will save lives and I feel like I have finally found the magic 🪄 and what I have been looking for which was in me. Seeing me whole heartedly with easy, flow and laughter and just being in the magic of every single moment. All of it. Its fun!”

“Joan is absolutely amazing. I did a one-on-one with her on November 21, 2021 at 11 am. I am a sales associate for a self-development company and I was telling Joan on that one on one that I felt like I was in a pit and didn’t get a single sale up until then, she helped me see some blind spots and I had a breakthrough with how I view myself, at 2 pm same day I had my first sale. Not just that but I had the best month in 7 days afterwards that I had in almost 3 years of working for the company.”  -Amirali


“I can live life in ease and abundance.” -Jamie

“I wish that I met you 30 years ago.” -Ron

“Joan’s work is magical.” – Kristen

Frequently Asked Questions:

Money-back guarantee?

Money-back guarantee– within 30 days after the program purchase, 100% refund if this isn’t a right fit for you, just send us an email and we will reimburse your investment. 

Why will Superpower Your Abundance Program work for me?

I have tried everything before but didn’t make permanent shifts.

This work is the deepest way to release stuck energy and unconscious patterns that are the root causes of overthinking, repetitive negative emotions, and unproductive behaviors. It is like dissolving the superglue holding your messy circumstances, relationships, and results in place. You just need to show up for One on Ones or Movement Feedback classes to experience energetic release without the need for you to work on your painful past.

In addition, the major focus of the work is to connect you to your true essence so you can tap into your superpowers and inner guidance to make magic happen in your life. You no longer live a small life just to survive. You make the necessary shifts and learn tools to fulfill your wildest dreams with ease and abundance.

How much work is involved?

4 hours of One on Ones that you schedule at your convenience within 3 months. 1st One within 2 weeks.

A 75 minutes Quantum Leap video is available for you to watch at your convenience every 5 days for a total of 16 videos. You watch one video per week over the course of three months.

1 hour of Movement Feedback per week, which you can schedule at different intervals to use up all 15 sessions within 3 months.

What happens in a One on One?

In a 1:1, Joan will clear your repressed emotions and disconnect bad karmic connections. She will also share insights to help you see your life very differently to live in ease and abundance. You will be given tools to practice on your own also.

Below is an example of clearing emotional blocks that Cheryl had on her mind movie.

What happens in a Movement Feedback class?

You get to dance or move to music on Zoom videoconference then Joan will give you feedback on the patterns that hold you back and show you how to release them. When you shift your posture and movement, your life changes. You learn to connect to the Quantum Field through your body.

Here is an example of individual Movement Feedback on a specific movement to diagnose and release energetic blocks.

How does Quantum Leap Digital Course work?

By watching Q/A sessions on how to be unstuck many different issues, you receive the reference points and gain insights to become unstuck in your own stuck areas. It is very powerful. Here is an example of Michelle making a Quantum Leap on food intolerance.

Digital course participant’s comment on Lesson 10.
“This was an excellent lesson. I had so many breakthroughs, especially the one about instinct is from spirit and debating is from Ego. Thank you Joan.” -Catherine

How much will the 3- Month Superpower Your Abundance Program cost?

Pay 2 payments a month apart of just $1497.


Pay in full at $2897 and receive a BONUS: Money is Love Video Series. Bring abundance into your life with ease.

Limited time bonus:

All Quarterly Live Quantum Leap Classes in 2022 if you sign up by January 18th, 2022.

Money-back guarantee – within the first month 100% refund if this isn’t a right fit for you, just send us an email and we will reimburse your investment. 

Envision your life will be in 3 months once you have received the secret key to embody ease and abundance for the rest of your life. You will experience major shifts within weeks and walk away with life changing tools to live in ease and abundance.

BOOK A BREAKTHROUGH CALL with Joan. You will gain insights to move forward on your urgent issues. We can also find out whether the program or private session is the right fit for you !