The classes Joan offers are all about movement, energy, consciousness, and embodiment so you can live a fulfilled life with ease. You get in touch with the deepest part of your being.


I learned much from working with Karl these past three years.Joan embodies Karl’s teaching and relays this information uniquely to her clients. She takes Karl’s process one step further which creates magical and immediate shifts in clients. I have taken her monthly classes for the past three months and am currently taking her Money is Love course. I am moving through blocks, getting into my core,and training my body to stay in my body more than ever.

Joan is compassionate and joyous in her teaching. I recommend her courses if you are ready to look at what is holding you back from actualizing the life you desire.

—Heather Mulhern, Oklahoma


On May 1st, $12k from different sources showed up in my bank account. All I did was practicing silence. Money is Love classes worked.

-Cheryl, Arizona


-Ray, Virginia


This experience is pure genius.

Joan’s Movement Feedback is truly the component missing in people’s lives whom get stuck with their energies.

Most of us really get stuck in our heads and bodies because we end up making unconscious agreements to holding onto energies that do not serve us anymore. When these energies get stuck in our bodies long term they can cause many disruption, blocks or even illness in the body.

Listen to unlock your awareness and move to release what is no longer needed.

To integrate dance and healing guidance together has changed my life. It was what was missing from my connection to my guidance and it truly makes a huge difference in my performance during my sessions with my clients. I even have a lot less pain and tension in my body.



Melanie Toy, San Diego


Joan has a healing presence that can be felt immediately. From the time she started to speak in our 1 on 1 session, I started to feel myself releasing stuck energy that had been keeping me stuck. She was able to sense where my energy blockages were, speak to when they may have occurred, and held me with her loving attention as I processed what I was feeling. She led me through some simple techniques to assist with clearing the subconscious patterns and got that stuck energy moving on out. I was feeling upset and triggered before our session, and after I felt grounded, clear-headed and better able to connect to my own Source. If you’re feeling called to try her services, just do it. 💜

-Tanisha, California


“Four Times A Charm” 

I came to know Joan through Karl Wolfe’s Community Circle.  After Karl’s passing, there was this new surge of interest in wanting to be present in my life, to move forward and change. I was tired of living in a rut.

I decided to purchase a package of one-on-one sessions with Joan. Her approach is very unique, easy to follow, and transmute.  After the third session I had with Joan,  I went for my usual evening walk-I was in the parking lot of the local grocery store, and the space I was in was extremely different. Previously, I was present and could feel myself connecting with the environment no further than several feet. But this time, my energy field connection was the entire block and then some. I was in the quantum field-the depth, flow, and breath of life was pulsating in me and around me.

The fourth session of my remaining package was filled with so much laughter and deep-rooted past life trauma healing. I am now 100 percent present in my own life. My inner world is filled with so much peace and silence.

I’m happy to be who I am, genuinely- without all this unnecessary mythology running in my subconscious mind, creating self-sabotage and self-destructive stories. My relationship with my family members, especially my mother has improved significantly.

Change happens when we are ready for it, and I’m so grateful that when I was ready, Joan was there to support my journey into becoming a healthy, authentic adult.


-Sheryn Madrano, Los Angels


I recently enrolled in Joan’s movement feedback classes. Having experiences in movement feedback and actually holding movement feedback training, I did not expect big results.

I was surprised to say the least. It’s really big transformation. Joan has taken movement feedback to a much higher level.

From the beginning of my sessions, I felt a shift in my energy. I became happier and more grounded. Her training allows me to be in ease and let things just show up.

Major shifts happened in just four weeks, my outlook and my expectations of what is possible have shifted dramatically.

-John Cutajar, Huntington Beach


I really enjoy Joan’s movement class and have shifted more quickly in this class than in the other modalities I have worked with.

I love dancing (even though I hadn’t been dancing for years) and this class has helped me connect back to my child-like joy of life.

Joan gives clear and helpful feedback about the energy that she is seeing and feeling with each person. The feedback helps you make shifts in a quick and gentle way. it is very supportive. And the group’s feedback is the same.

You will also receive access to a video from the class. Reviewing the video is very helpful. It will help you integrate and anchor in the shifts you experience in the class. Plus you will see additional things about yourself that you can learn from and integrate.

Joan’s class is a lot of FUN. You will feel so much better at the end of the hour than you did before the class started.

-Fran, San Anselmo


Since I started working with Joan in her movement classes, I have been integrating faster, expanding my range, and self actualizing in my life. Her guidance and teaching through movement has lead to a deeper security in myself and a reference point for creating the life I want.

—Aaron Bugaj, Arizona


I taught a 1-hour palate class today initiating from the Core. It was effortless. With the connection and initiating from the Core and earth, I experienced no pain or stiffness in the neck and back.  I feel that I was moving from energy and not the physical body.  

In the past weeks before taking your classes, I was feeling exhaustion, aches, and pains in the body.  But today, I was applying what we did yesterday, and what a difference!!!! It was so cool!!!!

I also have a good week.  I made 2 Bemer sales to people who really needed it.

—Angi, Oakland


Different students have different backgrounds and experiences. Joan personalizes and adjusts her instructions for each individual student. She is also very patient with her students, using different ways to bring the students into the Quantum Field.

When I go into the quantum field in classes, it feels like I enter a new world. Now I am calmer and happier. I start to let go of the past and live in the present. The class experience also changes how I view the world, how I act and respond at home and at work.

—Yang, Seattle


“Working with Joan in one on one movement feedback sessions over Zoom has been a life changer for me. She appeared as a teacher at exactly the right time and with an approach to energetic healing that is allowing me to integrate a lot of ‘stuckness’ that the other healing modalities I use weren’t shifting.

The movement feedback work is subtle and powerful and bypasses the ego and the mind.

Joan’s presence, compassion, trustworthiness and energetic groundedness is amazing to be in and sets the foundation for the integration/healing to happen.

As she can read and see energy flows in the body she can pick straightaway where there are blockages, when I’m in my core and connected to the earth and when I’m not.

It is like learning a new way to be in the world, I am exercising energetic muscles that have not been used before and the gift of knowing about moving and living from Core is changing everything.

Now it makes sense why certain emotional traumas, identities and beliefs felt unresolved and a lot of my desires/intentions had not fully manifested despite my years and years of personal development through various programs.

I would recommend Joan’s Love HZ Movement Feedback work to anyone who is walking a spiritual, personal development or physical healing path and is willing to allow the idea that our bodies connect us to the quantum field and that is where effortless integration/manifestation can occur.

The ego-mind in its ‘protection role of all things habitualised for survival’ role may find this uncomfortable until the sense of ‘home and safety’ takes over.

It is challenging to convey in words but it feels like this is healing my nervous system.

This is not like hard core ego busting methodologies such as circling; Joan is incredibly gentle and in appreciation of what shows up to be integrated but this is still a courageous path based on sense, feeling and letting go.”

Thank you Joan!

—Steph oxxo, Australia

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