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Are you ready to magically transform and finally manifest the dreams of your life without endless hours of searching, pain, and exhaustion to only end up feeling frustrated? Act Now! If you have tried self-help, therapy, and even energy healing but still haven’t gotten the results you want, this work can help you unstuck and completely transform your life.

Hi, I am Joan Yue. I can help you to be limitless and fulfill your greatest potential. My passion is to share the magic of Movement Feedback with the world, and to connect you to infinite love. It fills me with great joy to see you transform during the classes and in your life afterwards. I am joyful, compassionate, intuitive, and insightful in my approach to guiding you to move forward quickly. Read more.

Movement Feedback aligns the Body, Mind, and Spirit. How you do anything is how you everything! Your movements reflect how you live your life. 

Movement reveals your hidden energetic patterns, while the feedback boosts your alignment to the Quantum Field. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limitations that hold you back in life, so you can actualize with love, joy, and ease!

New students often experience profound shifts during their first class, after connecting to the true self in the Quantum Field. They have shared experiencing joy, silence, or/and inner knowingness.

Are you willing to look within and receive feedback on your blind spots to be limitless? “Happiness is innate. Suffering requires practice.” -Karl Wolfe. I notice and help participants release all kinds of unconscious suffering patterns, during Movement Feedback. Below is an example of feedback on movement. The feedback are safe and compassionate, intending to accelerate your growth!

You can completely transform your life even if you have tried everything else. Our signature program “Limitless You” combines One on Ones, Movement Feedback, and Quantum Leap classes. You will learn how to

  • access the infinite possibilities in the Quantum Field quickly and easily without hours of meditation.
  • see life through your true essence to bounce back quickly from setbacks.
  • free yourself from old patterns and addictive behaviors without needing hard discipline.
  • raise your vibrations without needing to control thoughts and feelings.
  • handle emotions in the heat of moment with ease to take massive actions.

This program can help you systematically heal at the cell level, your nervous system reset, and your brain rewire magically through the Quantum Field. Making right choices from moment to moment becomes second nature for you to live up to your infinite potential.

Major shifts in lifelong patterns are often manifested in one or more areas below.

Potential benefits:

  • Mental: quiet mind, clarity
  • Physical: health, vitality, youthfulness, flexibility, mobility
  • Emotional: love, joy, peace, happy relationships
  • Spiritual: deep silence, awakening, enlightenment
  • Financial: financial success, abundance

Soul seekers have found that Movement Feedback is one of quickest ways to raise consciousness and become enlightened. This work is designed to focus on “Wake up, Clean up, Grow up, and Show up”, the four key dimensions of Spiritual Awakening.

Movement Feedback trains you to read energy, feel energy, and flow with energy. It helps energy healers to uplevel their healing business.

Dare to be limitless, fulfill your greatest potential. What are the costs of staying stuck? wasting years in fears, feeling powerless, lacking freedom.

Many people who come to Movement Feedback have tried many many self-help practices, transformational programs, and healing modalities without success. I can relate to the internal struggles shown in their movements, from trying to fix and manage life.

Instead of just chipping the “tip of the iceberg” involving past issues and traumas, Movement Feedback can connect you deeply to your true essence. Quantum Leap classes share insights so that unbearable emotions holding you back become manageable. The resulting safety and trust you feel raise the temperature to melt the layers of ice forever. One-on-One sessions with Joan utilize unique Quantum healing techniques to facilitate cracks in the iceberg to release large chunks of “stuckness” to float away. You will implement a proven formula with insights and tools to transmute your intense negative reactions and old patterns that run havoc in your life right now, to inner peace and inspired actions. Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap to experience major breakthroughs now?


Come to connect with your child-like joy!

Interviews and Blogs

Rewire Neuropathways for Bliss

Michelle Warnica has experienced major shifts after joining my movement feedback classes for just one month, even though she had tried many many different modalities before. In this interview, we discussed what made Movement Feedback so special and how it helped rewire us to bliss.

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Why is Movement Feedback so Effective?

The difficulties you experience in life often show up in your physical movement. For example, if you are rigid in thinking, it can be observed as tightness in the spine and a small range of movement. If you have a hard time making decisions to change, I can see your hesitation or resistance in shifting…

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Taking a Quantum Leap!

Imagine that you take a Quantum Leap in the heat of the moment, for any difficult area of your life…. What will the results be? Quantum Leap.

What if you could gain insights to see Life from your True Essence to help those unbearable emotions become manageable? Right choices become easy and second nature. You will definitely see the magic of a “Quantum Leap”!

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