Movement Feedback

Want True Abundance and Freedom in Every Area of Your Life?

Want True Abundance and Freedom in Every Area of
Your Life?

Via Zoom, I help set you free emotionally with Miracle Healing and teach you to reach your dreams confidently through Mind/Body/Spirit alignment.

Via Zoom, I help set you free emotionally with Miracle Healing and teach you to reach your dreams confidently through Mind/Body/Spirit alignment.

Fast and Permanent Shifts

into Peace and Ease

Create Loving Relationships

Experience Your Dream Life

It’s time to finally make your dreams a reality!

Are you over being emotionally stuck and not confident about your next steps?


Are you done going through so many self-improvement books, programs, or modalities without permanent shifts?

Does this feel familiar?

I believe that everyone deserves to be a Miracle Maker, creating dream life experiences with freedom and ease!

I am Dr. Joan Yue, Chemist turned Miracle Healer.


I spent the majority of my life highly anxious, emotionally overwhelmed, constantly overthinking, and filled with PTSD symptoms.


I have completely transformed my relationship with emotions and have done the same for hundreds of clients who have tried so many different self-improvement tools without success.


Mind/Body/Spirit alignment is a game changer. This work can be a game changer for you too.a

My Services

Become Unstuck

The Quantum Healing Package has 4.5 hours of 1:1 via Zoom. The Miracle Healing Process helps you release heavy emotional burdens, shift relationship difficulties and gain clarity on the next steps to create results in an important area you want.

Rewire for Total Happiness

In the Miracle Maker 8-week program, you make major shifts towards peace and ease and gain simple Mind/Body/Spirit alignment tools to use for life so that you create loving relationships, true abundance and freedom!

Break Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Movement Feedback grounds you in your body. You get to move freely to music in a group Zoom class. How you do anything is how you everything! Your movements reveals patterns holding you back. Feedback enables you to release them.


Make Fast and Permanent Shifts

One-of-a-kind 1:1 sessions that are deeper than 99% of any other energy healing, which help you release trauma & repressed emotions to become unstuck and move forward towards your dreams.

Create Loving Relationships

Transform your relationships with yourself and others to fully experience your dream life!

Experience Miracles Everyday

Connect to your true power so you experience things simply working out, interactions becoming easy, or income arriving out of the blue.

Your shortcut to success…

Miracle Maker Process

Step 1

Book VIP Laser Coaching

Complimentary. Identify what’s holding you back energetically, discuss what you want, and see if it is a good fit to work with me.

Step 2

Fast and Permanent Shifts

Release emotional blocks and unconscious patterns keeping you stuck. Mind/Body/Spirit alignment tools to master your dream life.

Step 3

Joyful and Free Life

Feel happy for no reason. Have peace of mind and loving relationships. Experience a life of ease, abundance, and miracles everyday.

Miraculous Transformation in a Month

Miraculous Transformation
in a Month

Every area of her life has completely shifted including relationship harmony, more income, a new house, and a new baby, all within one year.
“It truly works! The great thing about this is that it’s simple and more effective than anything I have done.”

Why is being emotionally free important?

It leads to what you want…

You benefit most from this work if

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Additional benefits you will get:

Done-for-you healing: One on One sessions release your trauma and repressed emotions so you heal quickly without digging through trauma.

Break free from self-sabotaging patterns: Free yourself from addictive behaviors without needing hard discipline.

Peace of mind: Movement Feedback teaches you to get out of your head in order to stop overthinking and embodying success.

Handle emotions with ease: You learn how to stay balanced during emotional turmoil.

Increased happiness: 4 ways to increase your happiness setpoint permanently.

A life of ease: Movement Feedback helps you tap into inner power and let go of struggles.

Rewire your brain: You practice tools to rewire your brain to embody ease and abundance as a way of life.

Quantum Field Connection: Connect via your body quickly and easily, without hours of meditation, gaining clarity on your next steps.

Manifestation Secrets: You can easily and consistently raise your vibrations even during difficulties to stay open, receive and manifest what you want.

To get all the above benefits, tap into your power, release roadblocks stopping you from fulfilling your true potential and ultimate goals and dreams…