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Miracle Maker Program Introduction

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Miracle Maker Digital Course Outline

1st Module: Introduction of Miracle Maker Program

Next 5 modules.

The next 5 modules are from Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge or Dare to be Limitless Challenge, which you can pick one that you haven’t done. If you haven’t done either one, then pick Dare to be Limitless Challenge. Two videos in the next 5 modules, Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge on top and Dare to be Limitless Challenge at the bottom.

Abundantly Happy Breakthrough Challenge

2nd Module: Happiness is innate

3rd Module: Happy during Turmoil

4th Module: Happiness from Growth

5th Module: Abundantly Happy Life

6th Module: Money is Love Activation


Dare to be Limitless Challenge

2nd Module: Day 1 Step into Infinite Possibilities

3rd Module: Day 2 Make Quantum Leap

4th Module: Day 3 Enjoy Emotional Ease

5th Module: Day 4 Manifest Magic

6th Module: Day 5 Money is Love

7th Module: Stop fixing yourself, Live in Acceptance

8th Module: Acceptance Practice (only watch it after I teach you acceptance practice)

9th Module: Become Limitless by the Miracle Maker Process