Movement Feedback

Stop Self Sabotage

Movement Feedback gets you out of overthinking, not trusting intuition, striving with little results, repeating unwanted patterns!

It goes directly to the source of the problem, getting you the fastest results.

It’s incredibly easy, really – because your body movement reveals your energetic patterns. Most of us aren’t trained to see it, but I can. The body is the unconscious mind. The energetic patterns (often unconscious to you) keep you stuck in certain thinking, feeling, and behavioral patterns.


By watching your simple movements, I can identify your limiting patterns and where you are carrying your blocks. With small shifts, you can be free of patterns and connect to the Quantum Field.


When you are deep into the Quantum Field, you are connected to Spirit. And Spirit knows how to heal you. So many things are possible once you are connected to the Quantum Field. You become a vibrational match to the powerful version of yourself, so your goals are easily achievable.

What to expect from Movement Feedback?

Ground in your body

You connect deeply into your body and gut instinct.

Silence your mind

You drop your awareness into your body to stop overthinking.

Break Self-sabotaging patterns

You receive feedback on your stuck patterns and how to move out of them.

Experience the magic of

Movement Feedback

Step 1

Book Movement Feedback Class

First one is complimentary. Schedule one out of 4 weekly Zoom classes.

Step 2

Move Freely to Music Online

Enjoy yourself moving freely on Zoom. Welcome any feedback given to release blocks.

Step 3

Experience Magical Shifts

Experience a sense of calmness, joy, and inner knowing.

Transformations during 1st Class

From feeling anxious and frazzled to feeling calm and joy.

“Today was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been dancing for 15 years in a conscious spiritual community. The work you do really truly made more difference in that one hour than about 10 years of conscious dance. I’m so grateful.”
“I am extremely thankful to you for providing this unique experience backed by quantum science.

Dance is known to lift up the energies - but the way you diagnosed the energy blocks looking at the movements is exemplary - you identified the energy issues without me telling you about them and you further advised the movements that provided immediate release/relief!”

You benefit most from Movement Feedback if you are done with any of these

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In this call, we’ll identify what’s holding you back energetically, then discuss what you want, so you can gain clarity on how to become unstuck and move forward towards a life you deserve! We will evaluate whether it is a good fit to work with me.

So how does this work?

Many gurus talk about the Quantum Field, but most don’t teach you how to reach it without hours and hours of meditation. With our busy schedules and lives, most people can’t afford to wait that long to achieve powerful manifestation results. In Movement Feedback, we connect to the Quantum Field directly through our body. This can yield fast and long-lasting shifts.


It is not a linear, step-by-step process of working on one thought or one emotion at a time. When you release the stuck energy that produces overthinking, stressful emotions, and addictive behaviors, you become free from the unwanted patterns.


At the same time, you receive reference points from me on what it’s like to be deeply grounded in the body and connected to your true essence. A reference point works through frequency entrainment in that you are entrained into a high vibration frequency while letting go of lower vibrations. You experience a Quantum Leap when you experience the vibrational match to your true essence – a powerful and limitless version of you.


All mindfulness masters teach the importance of letting go, which is hard to do mentally in your head. How you do anything is how you do everything. When you learn to let go in your movement patterns, it translates to your letting go in your life. It can be that SIMPLE. You no longer get in your own way of getting what you want and fulfilling your life purpose.

Movement Feedback helps you

  • Break unconscious patterns
  • Silence your mind
  • Ground in the body
  • Let go with ease
  • Connect to innate joy
  • Tap into powerful intuition

New clients often experience profound shifts during their first Movement Feedback class, after connecting to true self in the Quantum Field. They have reported experiencing joy, silence, or/and inner knowing. Experienced meditators have expressed feeling a profound peace that is much deeper than what they have experienced in their regular meditation.

Still Curious about Movement Feedback...

What is Movement Feedback?

You are welcome to experience the magic of Movement Feedback. The Zoom class is held in a safe, private, and loving space, where everyone comes to learn from each other, it is a judgment free zone. We get together on Zoom, then I play music for you to dance or move freely. After each music piece, I provide feedback if I see any energetic patterns that hold you back and teach you to move the energy through your body in order to gently release it. You will feel immediate shifts.

Movement Feedback is Unique?

Transformations come after the feedback, through the reference point of a high vibrational state I hold for you as opposed to low vibrational state in your particular pattern. Once you get a glimpse of the reference point in your body, it enables you to make a Quantum Leap without struggling on your own. The process works quickly by transforming your identity from a limited version of you to your true essence of peace, ease, alignment, and abundance.

Example of Feedback Process.

Sometimes, I ask participants to try out a new movement. It helps me notice and assist participants in releasing all kinds of unconscious suffering patterns. The feedback is safe and compassionate, intending to accelerate your growth!

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Weekly Movement Feedback Class Schedule